We have all noticed it's not as fun as it used to be. Two years ago we all knew that our jobs were safe; we buy stuff before we even got the raise and for some of the fortunate - we already booked the vacation before we received our yearly bonus.

We dreamed of the new beach house or the garden to put in the back yard. It is time to shop for the house in the better sub-division. Boy has time changed. We have cut down our buying habits in this economy.We are planning on paying off bills and hoarding cash just in case we lost our jobs. Even cut hours or less pay for the hourly group is probably happening now. I know I have cut back on shopping and buying trinkets and stuff I want and not need. This has slowed the economy to it's present form.

You need to build cash flow to solve this problem. Having a part time income stream but not a part time job is the secret. Not only can we produce an additional stream of income but setting up our future with residual income that will pay even if I am sleeping or on vacation. You can do this with out a college Degree (even though they are smart enough to also work on their cash flow). With different product and services scattering the internet choosing the right one can be a challenge.

I myself believe in using two different ones that you can find at the end of the article. Choosing a MLM can be challenging but most lucrative. We will
discuss this later. buying/selling houses takes money that most people do not have today but if you do now is the time to buy low and rent if possible.

The internet is the way to go. So many people surf the internet looking for products and services. The problem there it is so hard to rank high enough on Google for get noticed . You must have help with a system to rank high enough to be noticed. A good software program is needed and I can
let you in on my favorite. I will share a link later that I use that is the best on the market.

Email marketing is NOT for me. I have sent something to myself and thought it was spam! This is the only time I wish the internet could be regulated - email only - spam makes people mad and is not useful. You still have to check your spam box just in case an important email got caught up in it. Drives me nuts. Using a shotgun email program is not the way to go - you will do
more damage than good.

I will leave you with this: growing additional cash flow is the best way to enjoy life and save for the future. Build a program that is profitable and easy to use at the beginning and the profits will last into your retirement years. Good luck and let me know if I can help!

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