Sports analogies abound when it comes to the discussion of lessons learned on the field that can be carried into the workplace. Often inspirational in nature, movies and books abound about professional or amateur athletes who utilize the skills they used in their sporting careers to become successful in other areas of their lives. Bill Meury, a former professional minor league baseball player, is a living testament to the fact that these inspirational movies and books do not have it all wrong. In his transition from the field to the corporate office, Bill Meury utilized many of the lessons he learned in the baseball diamond when transitioning from the life of a professional athlete to the life of a marketing executive.

Currently the Vice President of Marketing for Forest Pharmaceuticals at Forest Laboratories, Inc. in New York, New York, Bill Meury has successfully taken the skills he learned as a shortstop in the minor league all the way to the top of the corporate ladder.

"Lessons that are learned when playing sports, when being a part of a team, are priceless," said Bill Meury. "I know that a lot of my experience as a professional baseball player should be credited with my success in the corporate world. When playing as a member of a team, you learn to both be a team player and a valuable individual. It's a balancing act, really. You have to determine how to best do your job while helping the other members of the team best do theirs. This ability to both maximize your own output and enhance that of others can be readily applied to a business setting. As a Vice President of Marketing I have to know how to do my job to the best of my ability, how to uphold my obligations and perform at the top of my game. At the same time, as a member of a large organization, I have to be able to make sure that my efforts don't interfere with the efforts of the company as a whole. This balancing act can be difficult, but when you learn to trust yourself and to rely on those around you the company will be much more successful than if it had a bunch of rogue entrepreneurs running around."

The lessons that Bill Meury have learned have not only benefitted himself. Coworkers agree that Bill Meury's attitude has created a positive and productive vibe around the office.

"We really appreciate the dedication that Bill Meury brings to every meeting, every project, and every marketing campaign," said Tom Phillys, a member of the Forest Laboratories, Inc. team. "The same dedication that was in his eyes at the beginning of every ballgame is in his eyes every morning. He has taught all of us here a lot about what it means to be on a team and to achieve goals through a group effort. That baseball career of his really paid off!"

Bill Meury continues to inspire those around him with his dedication and collaborative approach to business. This is truly a real-life illustration of those inspirational sports analogies.

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