Monetizing your product

In the present era of business world, everyone wants to monetize everything and anything. This is not impossible in this stage of internet maneuvering. Monetization is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender ( Lots of definition can be viewed in the internet as regards to monetization. But let us look into the simpler way of understanding what and how monetization could work in our lives. Monetization is making money out of things that people don't usually consider money-worthy. In the book Concrete Confidence, monetization means making money out of ordinary things, in unexpected ways.

Everyone has its dream of doing business and earning a penny out of their expertise, talents and skills. This can be realize by applying the concept of monetization into reality. By applying a special skill such as writing articles in the web, then it can turn into a money-making activity that could probably monetize your skill in writing. Others had been doing this monetizing scheme only that it is not done in an organized and proper way in order to earn more.

Let us look on some known methods and strategies of monetizing which can help you generate more income aside from your usual job.

Bear in mind that our target here is to make money out of anything. And this anything could mean any talent, skill, expertise or even a product you are fond of endorsing.

In the world of internet is where the monetization can be realized in its maximum. And I am talking on the online businesses here. If you really wanted to earn money out of your skill and talent, then the internet should be the best and significant medium of activity. In the internet you have vast of prospects that may have interest on what you are selling whether it could be a product or your expertise. It is very easy to build a fan site in the web, once the readers have interest on what you are selling.

You have to forget the old days of selling wherein you have to endorse personally your products to the customers where in fact there is lots of rejection on it. This is now the new era of monetizing trough internet and online business. The internet is the place where you can market and could probably draw more and more customers easily into your door.

The best thing you should do is to create a blog on some of the famous websites and free blogging resources which you are familiar at. Whatever you wanted to sell online should create a sophisticated look to the readers for them to be attracted once they browse your page. Getting your blog in a popular stream would surely help in making other readers visit your site and eventually, it would amaze you once you will notice that there is already traffic on your website. Take note that when readers and visitors start coming into your webpage, there are lots of ways for making money automatically.

"Monetization happens only when you are confident about what you are selling. " Be it a product or an expertise, you should be confident enough that you can satisfy the customers' wants. There should be no promises in which you cannot fulfill or give to the customers, for it may ruin the integrity that you had already built up in your blog.

At the very start, your confidence should be developed already. For example you are selling your articles online or your expertise on something, it is a must that the confidence on what you are doing is created should be maintained. Your confidence will also be getting more and more intense once you see the result as expected by you. Building the confidence in yourself is not a stagnant activity but it will be getting more intense as you go through and will keep you moving on and on. Motivating yourself as regards to the quality of your product could result to an increase of the number of visitors to your webpage.

Another thing in this kind of business is what we call the Viral marketing. Think about the people who had availed already of your product, and once they are satisfied they would probably talk about this with their friends and family members. They will be the one who could help in promoting your product. And it becomes a viral disease that you cannot anymore control the spread of news regarding the product you are selling. Isn't it interesting that a bulk of visitors is trying to talk about your product in the web? This way again that you boost your confidence in you. So, start adding more informative views in your blog to attract more visitors, you can even ask your customers to publish their comments and testimonials on your blog.

"It is quite possible to make money out of scrap and junk if you set your mind to it and this can be realize by creating the confidence within yourself that you can do that."

In conclusion, there are lots of strategies out there on how you can monetize your product. Through the online business where you can maximize your potential of selling your product. The right attitude and confidence in yourself and your product will give a major role in the success of whatever endeavor to may take up.

About Author / Additional Info:
FLORANTE C. POSO, Jr., MCE, PhD, Asst. Professor, Mizan-Tepi University,Tepi, Ethiopia