Whether your business is online or offline you must advertise it or you will become the proverbial man who "winked at a lady in the dark." It is important to make sure the rest of the world knows what you have to offer them whether goods or services it is important to find the media in which to advertise your goods. The internet is no doubt one of the biggest tools of advertising in the modern world. Using social media like facebook to advertise will bring results as there is no better way of advertising than using the channel that every internet user uses, right? Here are the statistics to encourage you to market your business using facebook.

First of all, there are more than 150 million people in the world using facebook to communicate. More than 50% of these people are always updating their statuses on facebook everyday. Even if not all of them will be interested in the service and goods you have to offer, you do not even need 0.1% of these people to give you a positive response. Advertising on facebook is currently one of the most effective ways of marketing. There are tens of reasons to use facebook to market, one of them is that you are assured that people will know of your existence and you will be able to keep up with your competition.

Facebook is cheap and will not cost you a dime in marketing the goods and services of your business. Anyone who advertises on facebook will only be investing a few minutes into the creation of an advertisement and can afford to sit back and relax after that. It is always advisable to have a website once you start a business. The creation of a business facebook page that is linked to your site will enable the clients who visit the site to access the facebook page. Here, they can leave comments on your service, which you can use as reviews or positive criticism of your services. It will improve the relationships you have with the client since you can reply to their comments instantaneously and develop good PR for your business. You will be able to gather many fans on facebook and this will also drive traffic to your site.

Anyone with a good website will know how much traffic means to him. The generation of traffic is the main business of people in the SEO World. Instead of using the services of an SEO expert to generate the much needed traffic for your site, you need to use the services of facebook. Having a lot of traffic means that you will have better ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo. This means that you will have a lot more people locating your site from these search engines as they will most likely appear on the first page of the search engine once someone makes a search on Google or Yahoo. This will mean more sales for you and more business in the long run. Make sure you have created an advertisement that catches the eye of the facebook users and that you are as relevant to the market as possible.

Now if you are convinced to use facebook as an advertising tool for your business, start searching for it. Make an ad and make sure you follow the advertising guidelines provided by facebook. Go for some catchy ideas so as to capture user attention and make him click your ad. Remember only when you will successfully catch user attention, will he click and give you business. Follow the privacy guidelines provided by facebook. Read carefully the statement of rights and responsibilities provided by facebook so as to comply with it and not to violate any rule provided thereof. Read and understand which content is prohibited by the website so as not to go against it. Don't go for ads that make fake promises and over exaggerate offers; remember being true to your clients will bring you business or there is a fair chance that your ad got rejected by facebook administration team.

Congratulations, now you are ready to publish your ad as you know all the rules and regulations!

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