Although Home based business is an impressive industry a lot of bad rumours are being said about this business. Now, what is the reason behind all of those rumours?There are obvious reasons behind this phenomenon: 90 percent of Networkers fail in MLM. Most Networkers blame the company the are associated with or the products of the company.Certainly there are a lot of different things to look for before joining this business; no question about that. Obviously, there are different principals to think about when it comes to being successful in the MLM arena.

Let me share with you some facts first of all:

Most Networkers fail in the Network Marketing industry because they don't have enough qualified prospects to talk to. Targeted prospects are usually referred to MLM leads, home business leads. So basically this is the number 1 reason: the lack of leads.

As a matter of fact most of their prospects wouldn't be signed up, that simple.
So they would need to talk to so many targeted prospect because of the law of big numbers, the more they talk to the better. Once I was listening to a seminar from Mr. Jim Rohn on audio CD and he shared an example about a distributor who invited his friend, John to a meeting on a Tuesday evening. Mr. Distributor wondered if the invited person would come. Certainly, John did not come... and our hero distributor was wondering why the heck that was. So Mr. Rohn explained that we shouldn't spend time on thinking about this kind of things; it's just the way it is. Some things will stay the same even if you try to change them. He even made a joke with this example: how come sun rises on the east... he asked just to show that there are things you just can't change. The above mentioned fact is just one of those things.

There is also one more thing most networkers don't know: 90 percent of their marketing efforts doesn't make any results - again, it's just the nature of the game - and 10 percent of their marketing produces results. So they should be testing and keep on testing - trying to find the 10 percent of the marketing methods that really works - and from then on, time and money should only be spent on those techniques that really work.

Not to mention that those who fail don't ever use any Network Marketing system; in my opinion using an effective MLM system is the proper plan for success.

What am I trying to say?

What I am saying is even if current Networkers did have targeted MLM leads they still would need to talk to many of them to make one join because of the facts above. Most of them never find the 10 percent money making marketing - however it can help a lot, especially to those who started their businesses part time.

Where does that leave us?

The most important criterion in order to succeed in MLM is being able to generate leads every day. If you don't have home business leads daily coming to you then you can't build a successful Network Marketing business.

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