What is cold calling?

Cold calling is what is referred as the first call made to a potential customer. Cold calling can either be done by telephone or in-person. Telephone canvassing is also known as cold calling.

Cold calling is a popular means of generating leads and increasing revenue. It enables success mainly because cold calling is focused heavily on initiative and action. Cold calling is the most challenging part of the selling process.

Cold calling actually prepares the way for a sale, not to make a sale. Cold calling actually is about getting an appointment to either make the sale or present your business opportunity. Cold calling is what you make of it. Cold calling makes things happen.

Be prepared.

A written script can be very helpful when making cold calls. With a script, you can have ready responses to any questions or concerns your potential customer may have. This is not to be read, but used as a guide.

Market research should always be done before you start your cold calling campaign. Know your product or service that you are trying to market. A thorough understanding of your product or service is essential to being successful at cold calling.

Start with a greeting and call the person by name. Introduce yourself and your product. Be concise about the purpose of your call. Be specific about the time and place for the appointment you are trying to schedule. Give them a choice between two dates and times. Do not ask when they are available to meet with you. If the choices you give them are not convenient, they will give you an alternative, but remember to pinpoint them to a specific date and time.

Make calls early in the day. Most people have more time and energy early in the day. Calling later in the day, you are more apt to catch people in meetings or busy in other matters.

Stay focused when cold calling

Set a goal when making cold calls. Give yourself a set time and how many calls you are going to attempt to make in that set time.

Set a schedule to making your calls. Set yourself a time every day. Put it on your daily schedule to do. Treat it as an appointment and make sure you keep it. After about three weeks, it will be a habit.

Change your viewpoint on cold calling.

Look at cold calling from the customer's point of view instead of the seller's point of view. If a customer looks at cold calling as a nuisance, be honest and open with your customer. Customers look at cold calling as being unwanted, dishonest, insulting and even disrespectful. In order to be successful at cold calling, you should be straightforward, prepared, efficient, respectful and informative. By doing this, you will have a whole new attitude for cold calling.

Listen to what your customer is saying. Learn how to interpret what a customer is saying from their perspective. See yourself as your customer is seeing you and conduct your behavior as you want people to see you.

Follow up on your calls. Statistics show that calls show results after the fourth or fifth conversation. Most callers quit after the second follow up call. Be persistent, it is important. Don't quit.

Try to make a connection with your customer. You want them to trust you so you are making good prospect for now and in the future. Creating trust is what you want to have. The sale will follow later.

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