AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product. It allows the advertiser to bid for a key word in an online auction for the local and national Google server. Let's take a word "Transformation"; most sought after word by most IT companies. If a company wins the bid; the link for the winning IT Company would be shown as "sponsored links" on the right side of the screen or above the main search results.

Recently Google had a fictional auction for such key words in various categories for their local server. A journalist called Bhola Goswami filed this report.


An NGO backed by the Congress Party was the highest bidder for the word "MAMTA" which means Kindness in English.

• BJP was the highest bidder for the word "Secular".

• The word "Left" was left out. No bids were placed for this word.

• Elephants for Poor an organization founded by Mayawati was the highest bidder for word "White Elephant".

• The word "Socialist" was won by Amar Singh after a tough battle between him and Mulayam Singh.

• Lalu Yadav was not interested in bidding for this word.

• "IPL" was taken off the auction list as the bidding caused the server to crash on more than one occasion.

• Politicians from all the parties were desperate to win this bid.

• The word "Walk Out" was once again won by a consortium of all the opposition parties.

With the recent price rise expect some Fire work in Monsoon session of the Parliament.


• Rakesh roshan was the highest bidder for the words "Cross over" and "Kites". RGV'S Foundation for burn Victims called "AAG" lost out by a thin margin.

• Rakhi sawaant won the bid for the word "Nautanki"

• Pritam and Anu Malik in a combined effort won the bid for "Original".

• Bappi Lahiri's foundation called "GOLD for OLD" won the bid for the word "GOLD".

• Once again the server crashed when the word "Different" came up for auction. None of the film makers wanted any one else to win.

• The highest bidder for the word "Bollywood" was a News Channel which paid a higher price for it than the word "News" itself.


• A tough fight was seen for the word "White". Apparently all the FMCG companies wanted this word badly.

• This would help them to sell detergents, toothpaste & fairness creams using the same word.

• Times now won the bid for the word "First Time" beating the close rival CNN IBN.

• Once again the word "Breaking News" caused the server to crash. No News channel was ready to let any other news channel win.

• The word "Peace" and "OIL" were won by an organization called Green Oil & Peace. The founder of this organization is former US Prez G.W. Bush.

• Once again the server got crashed and bidding was stopped for a long time.

PS: The words "Idiot" & "Nonsense" were won by the Blogger. As a good will gesture; Google did not charge anything.

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