AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product. It allows the advertiser to bid for a key word in an online auction for the local and national Google server. Let's take a word "Transformation"; most sought after word by most IT companies. If a company wins the bid; the link for the winning IT Company would be shown as "sponsored links" on the right side of the screen or above the main search results.

Recently Google had a fictional auction for such key words in various categories for their local server. A journalist called Bhola Goswami filed this report.


An NGO backed by the Congress Party was the highest bidder for the word "MAMTA" which means Kindness in English.

BJP was the highest bidder for the word "Secular".

The word "Left" was left out. No bids were placed for this word.

Elephants for Poor an organization founded by Mayawati was the highest bidder for word "White Elephant".

The word "Socialist" was won by Amar Singh after a tough battle between him and Mulayam Singh.

Lalu Yadav was not interested in bidding for this word.

"IPL" was taken off the auction list as the bidding caused the server to crash on more than one occasion.

Politicians from all the parties were desperate to win this bid.

The word "Walk Out" was once again won by a consortium of all the opposition parties.

With the recent price rise expect some Fire work in Monsoon session of the Parliament.


Rakesh roshan was the highest bidder for the words "Cross over" and "Kites". RGV'S Foundation for burn Victims called "AAG" lost out by a thin margin.

Rakhi sawaant won the bid for the word "Nautanki"

Pritam and Anu Malik in a combined effort won the bid for "Original".

Bappi Lahiri's foundation called "GOLD for OLD" won the bid for the word "GOLD".

Once again the server crashed when the word "Different" came up for auction. None of the film makers wanted any one else to win.

The highest bidder for the word "Bollywood" was a News Channel which paid a higher price for it than the word "News" itself.


A tough fight was seen for the word "White". Apparently all the FMCG companies wanted this word badly.

This would help them to sell detergents, toothpaste & fairness creams using the same word.

Times now won the bid for the word "First Time" beating the close rival CNN IBN.

Once again the word "Breaking News" caused the server to crash. No News channel was ready to let any other news channel win.

The word "Peace" and "OIL" were won by an organization called Green Oil & Peace. The founder of this organization is former US Prez G.W. Bush.

Once again the server got crashed and bidding was stopped for a long time.

PS: The words "Idiot" & "Nonsense" were won by the Blogger. As a good will gesture; Google did not charge anything.

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