I believe you can get everything in life you need if you help enough other folks get what they want. as quoted from See You at the top by Zig Zigler

The benefits of your support package are real and measurable : Increased retention, raised activity, increased productivity. All of these benefits boil down to additional cash in your pocket. You know how support will benefit your downline and your income, but what precisely is considered support?

Use this rule : put yourself in your new recruit's place. What literature or information would help you boost your sales by finding new customers? What would you need to know to help you find your first recruit? What sorts of recognition would provoke you to target higher?
Brainstorm new ideas regularly so you are constantly improving your support. Although you do wish to concentrate most of your resources on your top sellers and recruiters, you also must plan mailings and activities that touch each member of your downline. Below are a few parts of my current support package. You can use these ideas as thought-starters when making plans for your own activities. Be creative! You can take part of an idea, add your own flair and tailor it to the needs of your group.

Idea 1 : Newsletters

A newsletter is the very best way for you to communicate with each member of your downline on a constant basis. Don't be threatened - your ezine does not need to be fancy it does not even have to be typed! It's much more crucial that your magazine has valuable information to improve sales and hiring and that you produce it on a regular basis. The frequency will have a direct effect on your newsletter's effectiveness. Consider a monthly newsletter as an optimum - or quarterly at the very minimum.

Consider making recognition a main focus of your newsletters. One way to do that's to list your top sellers listed by sales volume : top 5 or top ten. You may also recognise new sign ups since your last newsletter.

Feature short stories regarding successes experienced by downline members. Recognise your top recruiters and when downline members earn promotions. Express appreciation in your newsletter for downline members who helped you during the last month. Ask a different member every month to write an article on his / her specialty whether or not that be selling a certain way ( home conferences, fundraisers ) or hiring. Attempt to get as many distributor names in print as possible . Lavish on the praise, but be sincere.

Your newsletter should also contain any special company information that you would have that your downline might not have. For instance : I'm going to great lengths to receive our company sales leaflets months ahead, so I can let my downline know what sales are coming. If your company is publicly owned, consider updating your downline on the prevailing stock costs and latest company stories according to Wall Street researchers.

Do you know where next year's convention will be? Your newsletter is the ideal place to get the word out early so you have downline members working towards going.

Product information in your newsletters can help your downline understand the products better and sell more. Try having downline members give testimonials on a new release or a product which is being featured on sale in the approaching month. Did a product from your company rank number 1 in a recent article in Consumer Reports or was a product featured on a television news programme or talk show? Tell your downline about it in your newsletter. Do your customers use your products in new and creative ways? Here is a place to list those recommendations. Inspire your downline to use the company products themselves when they see the benefits of a product, selling that product will follow naturally.

Your magazine will help remind your downline members that only order occasionally that they are in business. Maybe receiving your ezine will induce them to book an order when they were never going to. Have you ever been in a multi-level organization and never heard from your sponsor? Do not let your downline say that about you! Your magazine can be your link between you and them : a link of commitment and nearness. It shows that you care about their success!

Idea 2 : web chat conferences and Webinars
With more Americans getting wired each day, the web services give you one more opportunity to hook up with your downline. Using webinar applications are excellent for this. For more than a year, my group has been meeting every Thursday night from nine hundred - 1000 on the web. I publish my meeting schedule in my newsletters and supply instructions on the best way to get to the room.
Most nights the meetings consist of 10 or fewer folks but every person who participates is another person you can induce to sell and induct more into your group. The majority attending my meetings come with questions or asking for help on specific eventualities. The other folks in the room always jump in and help. Just like a meeting held anyplace else, your expenses for these chat sessions are tax deductible.

Poll your downline today and see how many would be interested in this feature.

Also suggest to your long distance downline members that they have got a group meeting at their home which coincides with your web meeting. That way the group can sit round the PC and meet with you during an hour of their meeting and use the rest of the time for local issues and events. Having access to a successful upline is significant and provoking to most group members. It gives you another chance to brace that all important bond.
the only way your checks will grow is if your price to your members grows. In my judgment, simply enrolling big volumes of new recruits is not enough unless you support them.

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