Now really there are many good reasons why using an automatic article submitter is a good idea and these comprise none other than cost effective and a time saver. However the massive benefit to using this tool is the fact that the method of article submission is automated!

What this means is that an automatic article submitter (of course once your article has been completed and placed in the submitter) will lodge your article to tons and tons of article directories at the push of a button- giving you heaps more time to put towards other important aspects of your online business. It's quite simple really, you just download the software, take a little time signing up and joining the article directories to set up your accounts- and then post your article. Then all you have to do is push a button and your articles will start to be submitted to many many different article directories - completely automated.

So the huge benefit to article marketers using an automatic article submitter is fairly obvious, they are aware of how invaluable using article marketing as a strategy is and need to use their time wisely - which they do by using this tool.

Think of this, can you imagine posting just 1 article to hundreds of those directories, all including links in the signature that link back to your website or blog. Doing this will provide you with an endless stream of traffic, and alot of this traffic you will find people who are willing to buy whatever it is you are promoting. BUT WAIT think of this- what if each occasion you submitted your work with your automatic article submitter - that what it also did was post a very unique version of that same article every single time to each and every different article directory?

This is a usually known as spinning articles - so what's the big deal about spinning articles? Easy - Google is well known to look favourably on new content, so if you are submitting just the same article to all the different article directories you are less likely to be on the front pages of Google with more than one or 2 articles - but if you have several hundred unique versions, you will increase your chances 50 fold of actually dominating the first few pages of Google, all with your own unique fresh content. So what this means is that you will be easy to find, you will get loads more traffic and eventually many more buyers

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I use an all in one automatic article submitter with a spinning facility - and it has gotten me fantastic results. You can click this link watch exactly how I use this tool to get great results.