Social networks like twitter and facebook have been going great guns in the last few years. This means that the social networks are very important in the everyday life of people. People use these networks to gain knowledge, market products, make friends and simply to relax too.
These benefits for the person when they are on social networks have made many of the corporate to decide that these social networks may be very useful in their offices too. This has made the people to create a platform for the people to start working on their own social platforms that are private.

Palo Alto-based Socialtext is one of those and there are also other companies like IBM and Microsoft that are experimenting with these kinds of ides. They are planning to create a platform for the employees to get to know each other professionally. There are many benefits that can be gained when the professional social networking starts.

1. Efficient work:

The people who are working in a company will become more efficient when they have people to talk to and ask doubts. There is a regular contact between the worker and also other co workers leading to greater interaction and better results.

2. Improve relationships:

A person will be able to work better if they are able to be social. This will also be the basis of the new initiative.

3. Relaxation:

Though this relaxation does not mean that the individual relaxes completely, it means that the person who is working can be stress free because they are able to work in an environment where they are not alone, but are in touch with other people.

4. Brings the organization closer:

When he people in the company are in contact through the social medium, it helps them to get in closer touch with each other, even if the other employee is in another part of the world. This will help to increase the closeness of the employees and this may increase the bond that the employee has with the company. This in turn could decrease the attrition rates.

5. Decreases hierarchy:

The easy availability of the higher officials and superiors on the social networks within the organization helps to decentralize the organization to a larger extent. This will help the company to have more employees working with close contact with the people who are in charge and this increases the effectiveness. There is more control over the employees for the management as all the dealings are transparent. This relation between the employees and their bosses helps to better the organization a great deal.

It remains to be seen if the social networking platform will work effectively as it is thought to work. There are instances of such methods backfiring, especially in the case of Infosys, India's largest IT firm, where the platform that was provided for the employees to air their views became a place where they started bad mouthing the management that the company had to resort to various methods to keep the employees quiet.

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