Hello Everybody!

To start with Sales, we knowing Sales means "To sale something". however the million dollar question is 'how'- Is it a practice which we can follow and get succeed into it?

I have met a guy sometimes back who was selling CREDIT CARDS in New Delhi, India by qualification, he was Post Graduated in Sales & Marketing and having chunk of experience into it however was being frustrated to not have the Sales from last six months. He shared with me that after working so hard, one person to another and another, applies so many links however failed to generate a single closed deal, what he gets that is mere assurance for coming month, next month and next to next month.
I asked him, Man! have you ever thought of that Sales is an art?

He replies with smile, yes I know, after all, I am qualified person and that is why I have chosen this place where lot of people around from Market, Offices, Cinema, construction sites etc and I am meeting to almost everyone.

After having long breadth, he whispers- perhaps, it is not my cup of tea, there is no life here, I will have to change my job and Sales segment.

Instead of changing job or Sales line, "why don't you change your approach" I asked him.
Will it matter to me even on this stage, he asks?
where is the harm? atleast give a try to yourself for next 2-3months!
He murmur's, tell me the approach.

I told him that find out one 500 employee's strength office premises in this area and offer Credit Card as a complimentary to their B, C and D grade employee's.
Be beneficiary, you can get 300-400 people at one place and approach them consistently.

After this I forgot this incident and was busy with my regular routine for next 4 months. One day, I was in Delhi suburbs, a guy came to me and said, Sir, are you recognizing me, I am the man who was upset in credit card selling, I told him, yes I remember however you look cherish and very motivated!

He told me "yes I am," I worked on that approach and you know I am the highest CREDIT CARD SALES achiever in my company and without going anywhere I am still getting 5-6 applications on daily basis and I am enjoying my Sales Career Moreover YOU CHANGED MY VIEWS TO SEE THE THINGS, THANKS!

Hmm...... Sales is an ART, Apply it correctly will give you the fruits, SURE.

About Author / Additional Info:
Rahul Srivastava