If you are the type of person who would love to recommend good products to friends and relatives and would love to get a little dough out of it, affiliate marketing is the place for you. With a basic knowledge on internet and HTML know-how, a website, free or paid for, one can start an affiliate marketing business instantly. But, what separates the big earners from the rest? The answer lies in these following tips.

Know your recommendation

Imagine a total stranger coming up to you and introducing a $8000 Rolex only to have him answer 'maybe' or 'it might have' to every inquiry you place, would you trust him? It will be safe to assume most of us would answer no. The same rings true for affiliate marketing. No one will take recommendations from any random fellow on the internet; rather, they would most probably go for recommendation done by someone who actually explains the pros and cons of the product or service that they are promoting. In other words, in the world of affiliate marketing, it pays to be well informed and choosing and recommending the right products.

Break the habits of traditional advertising

According to the law of traditional advertising, the more brochures and adverts one place, the more customers will think about it and end up buying it. This law has worked to some degree in the traditional advertisement style, but in the World Wide Web, this method would be an instant recipe for disaster. A website or blog filled with loads of banners and 'click-me' buttons is doomed to have the fewest hits. The reason is basically this; no one likes an information overload. True, it is wise to provide customers with a variety of choices, but sometimes, it pays to be moderate in the choice of affiliation. After all, a site full of banners and buttons is like a street covered with posters and brochures.

Be neutral in your decisions

Affiliate marketing is all about neutrality. In other words, there is no such thing as the best product or merchant in this world. By promoting a certain product or service and placing the 'best product' tag on it, you are basically going to limit your future client potentials and customer flow. Our modern society calls for a variety of choices in their daily life, and though they know certain products are of the finest quality, they would sometimes prefer to explore other choices. So, if the temptation to say that a certain product, service or company is of the finest grade, remember this simple saying; no one likes to eat the same food over and over every day.

Work hard and work smart

When one first begins an affiliation, it takes time and energy to start the momentum of customers. If one affiliation fails, move on to the next. The whole business of affiliation is about timing, customer magnetism and smart choices. Go for low paying affiliations that generate high customer flow as a start then slowly move on to similar based products or services that generates higher income. After all, affiliate marketing is a yin-yang balance of being diligent, persistent and being street smart.

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