Large UK Airlines have been taking advantage of new online marketing solutions that reconnect to consumers who are abandoning their online travel bookings.

Shopping Cart Abandonment, Booking Abandonment and Quote Abandonment has become a huge problem for online businesses. Marketers are spending millions of pounds directing traffic to their websites in an attempt to increase online sales, however reports have shown that up to 70% of consumers abandon online sales rather than completing a purchase, suggesting that marketers need to focus on engaging with shoppers whilst on the website and reconnecting with them after they have left the website.

Overwhelming shopping cart abandonment statistics have encouraged marketers to take a step back and think about how they can encourage consumers to buy online, through substantial investment into website design and shopping cart technology.

More recently, marketers have been looking into how they can reconnect with customers who abandon their website without finalising a sale. This is a fairly new concept, known as Remarketing.

Companies are using remarketing techniques to re-engage with abandoners by cleverly reminding them of the potential purchases that they searched for on the company's website, using online ads and email reminders. However, for more in-depth, complicated or expensive online purchases, a more innovative solution was required to do the job.

That's why large Airlines, Travel Operators and Insurance Brokers have turned to unique remarketing telecommunications solutions that allow them to speak to prospects within seconds of them abandoning the transaction process. A number of large UK Airlines have taken on solutions from a company called Leadcall, who specialise in online abandonment solutions.

Booking flights online can often involve lengthy processes, requiring comprehensive customer details and travel specifications. Airlines are finding that a high number of online visitors are searching for flights and initiating the sales process, but abandon the transaction half way through, for unknown reasons.

Companies such as Leadcall recover abandoned bookings by detecting when a customer abandons an online booking, relaying the customers enquiry details to an agent at a call centre, and enabling an agent to contact the customer automatically within seconds of the customer dropping off the website.

Not only does this give businesses the chance to recover abandoned sales, increase online conversions and boost revenues, but it provides them with an opportunity to find out the reasoning behind why a customer has decided not to complete an online sale. It also signifies remarkable customer service, as agents will be on hand to offer further help and assistance to customers, without them even having to ask for it.

Shopping Cart Abandonment solutions are also working well for online insurance brokers who suffer from high website drop-off rates, due to the sheer complexity of insurance quotes. Leadcall reported that some of their Insurance clients are experiencing online conversions as high as 80%, because customers find it more reassuring to talk through the specifications of an insurance quote with an experienced agent. In the Travel Industry, average online conversions are said to be between 25-40%, which is also an encouraging figure. With accounts of such attractive conversion statistics, the potential revenue boosts from online abandonment recovery solutions are monumental.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions and Remarketing Technologies are rapidly expanding into a variety of industries from Finance to Retail, and Travel to Gaming. Marketers that are failing to recognise the importance of monitoring online shopping cart activity could be missing out on tremendous opportunities in online revenues.

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