Marketing and sales of a product is a very important profession. In fact every company that has a product is very concerned about the sales of the products in their company. This is because only when the company is able to sell different kinds of products will there be a positive growth for the company. If the company is not able to sell the products that it is manufacturing, then there will be a decline and the company will finally fall into an abyss from which it can never recover.

An individual who is involved in the sales of a company and is part of the marketing team should be able to sell as many products as possible to be a good salesman. If there is a decrease in the sales of the products, then the person will not be able to retain the job. There are various methods that the company can use to assess the marketing capability of the individual in the company.

1. Income generated:

The income that is generated is the main criteria that many companies look at to identify the ability of the sales person. This may be a good indicator because of the income generated for the company, but there may be some sales people who have exceptional talent, but because of very bad luck, they might have met some of the most difficult clients and this could have decreased the chance of a sale. If we consider this aspect, the income generated may not be the best criteria to measure the sales.

2. Customer feedback:

The feedback from the clients and the customers are also important methods of identifying the effectiveness of the sales person. There are many companies that rely on the customer feedback to identify the potential and also the attitude of the sales person. Though customer feedback is a very important criteria to measure the ability of a sales person in making a sale, it should not be the only criteria to measure the ability of the individual because it can lead to bias at times.

3. Feedback from sales team:

The feedback from the sales team is another method in which the sales capability of the individual sales person can be assessed. The feedback is usually a proper method that helps to realize the strategies that are used by the sales person. Along with the strategies, the communication skills, the other factors that play an important role in the marketing can also be assessed by the feedback that is given by the sales team.

These are some of the methods that are commonly used by many marketing companies to assess the ability of the members of the sales team. There are other scientific methods that can be used too and those are all formal methods that are not routinely used. The methods that have been mentioned in this article can be used in an informal setting with minimal or no cost to the company, but is as effective as the other methods in assessing the capability of the salesperson.

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