Hoteliers have two nightmares, how to sell and after selling how to satisfy. Though satisfaction is not that big deal for hotels and resort. Selling is the biggest concern as competition is their OR say every where whether it is Travel and Hospitality industry or any other industry.

One must be multi skilled with 4 heads as you must know to design develop and deploy these three terms are used software development and web development but now in fact is must for company who sells any thing may be resort and hotels room nights.

There are various ways of promotions like one can send emails to their trade partners to update them with latest package deals but the biggest problem is your right email drops in the wrong box i.e. spam or bulk folder now out of your first head must be technical enough to develop such system that falls right in the inbox not in junk or bulk folder also you can use SMS for short and immediate updates again the issue in NDNC you first must know the non ndnc numbers where you can send SMS other wise it might cost you more better to be vacant room.

The second head requires the SEO knowledge. Search Engine Optimization is the best thing as the customer contacting you after searching your product on internet is already filtered or say core customer because he is the one finding you not you finding him.

Above methods are not very expensive as it require little knowledge and one can do it him self also the returns are also immediate one need not wait for long for responses.

Third head is bit educated head that calculates everything, prepares a blue print and plans to a participate in travel trade fares happening in their country. This method is bit expansive and returns are not sure until you yourself is Skilled with communication skills or one sales guy must accompany to capture most of it.

The fourth head has to be creative who can finalize the email designs, SMS text you website design and most important your Stationery design as you leaflet. As you company leaflet can go any where in world by hand or courier but you cant. So it must be beautifully designed because this speaks for you once you are not their to speak.

A hotel promotions company with forehead OR four heads named Marina Holidays India Pvt Ltd took advantage and done miraculous well in hotel selling.

In short hotel and resort room nights is a tough job you need to be multi skilled to sell your product. Technology is the best friend or colleague that helps you in various ways to promote your business specially in travel hospitality industry as travel industry is based on Show Business concept. One can promote resorts and hotels in various mode like emails, SEO, SMS, Trade Fare, Printing Material

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Marina Holidays India Pvt Ltd - and opted all 4 heads and doing well in hotel selling