Let's see how you can write an article that will enters nicely the internet and may be enjoyed by the visitors and still rank a little better than most articles. First you must pick a very good niche to blog about it. Select financial information, internet or personal stuff and keep far away from greatly specialized subjects and complex topics that only doctors maybe comprehend. You should avoid as well subjects with little interest like local subjects and story fiction. Now the category is selected make a smart title.

Your eye catching title must have the main keyword written on it and also many times if you can make it look superb. This repetition can make it show up in bold two times in the Google results, getting more awareness from the user. The article title is the most critical part of your entire internet article. It's that gets the visitor click or not. A loser content title just renders the rest of your work wasted. Next to the main title making a keyword rich article introduction is the next important step. You have to show the reader very well what he is going to get. A lousy intro can turn the reader to competition because he feels the article title is exaggerated. A good article de script ion must be no bigger than fifty english words. Right after the de script ion is written you can build the rest of the article.

You have to build it for people and for Yahoo together. You could try a simple suggesting online tool and a application to number your keywords in real time so you know about when it's the moment to finish and the right number of main keywords your article has got. Don't waste several thousands of dollars in online applications that only builds the same article and a bit more than non professional tools do. Now that the content is finished it's time to make a good authour resource link box. This link box will persuade the reader to use the link and to follow to the website. This resource box should give anything for for nothing immediately after the user follows, this is a technique which functions extremely well and never fails. Now that everything is finished it's time to send the online content and to check your email one day later to notice if your online content was approved . If your article was liked check what things you did that worked and start writing on the following net article.

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