Any networker with any length of time in business has heard the term of attraction marketing and if you have, but you're not utilizing it, then shame on you! What I've found is although most have heard the expression, few truly understand attraction marketing and how it comes into play with "finding" the top people to acquire your products and join your business.

In simple terms, the concept attraction marketing is YOU; branding YOU, Inc. You are branding and selling yourself, not your opportunity or network marketing company. You see, with attraction marketing, you don't have to pursue people, they'll pursue you.

Why wouldn't I sale my company first? Isn't that the point, to get someone to enroll in my business?


Here's why. Your best prospects are in a targeted market and that market is other network marketers. They could be people who were previously in network marketing before, are currently in it today or actively buying information about it.

Why other marketers?

* Network marketers believe in the industry. They don't have to be sold on it like your family members and friends.
* Serious network marketers invest in themselves.
* Serious network marketers want to succeed.
* Serious network marketers are happy and willing to purchase whatever will help them to succeed.

Ok, you and this attraction marketing thing still don't make sense. What the heck would I offer to people who are most likely already in a business and won;t sign up with me anyway?

Glad you asked!

Let me answer that; what does every marketer require help with? Recruiting customers and prospects, right? Right!

So, why not market a complete solution to that problem in the form of an attraction marketing system.

You need only to market these two things:

1. You, Inc., since people don't join business opportunities, they join you.
2. Your attraction marketing system because people want solutions!

Then you offer your opportunity as a solution for the issues they're facing in the industry or their specific company. After and only after you share the "How", do you tell the "Who, What, When, Where and Why" of your company.

This is diametrically opposite of how the average networker works and the run of the mill networker is BROKE because they're still utilizing the old ways of network marketing and those ways are DEAD!

The key components of attraction marketing are:

1. You, Inc. and the value you bring to others - By always learning and having a valuable set of skills to give, having access to tools, systems, and leadership, you are seen as a leader and leaders are desirable to other aspirant networkers, hence "attraction marketing".

You have value to offer and you give without need. You provide leadership by sharing this information with others and leading them to systems and training where they can also grow and duplicate success.

2. Lead Capture page - A high conversion web site that offers a persuasive deal (free information, video, training, etc) in exchange for the prospect's contact information.

3. Auto-responder - Automated email service that sends targeted follow-up messages to your prospects to further build your relationship, give valuable information that educates, sells your merchandise, service or system on autopilot for you 24/7.

4. A Funded Proposal - A funded proposal is simply the art and science of offering a low priced information product that is targeted to your niche market and provides value to your prospect. Mostly an educational course or ebook which provides a fast, high converting transaction for you so you can monetize your list. This way, you'll get ongoing cash and you're earning profit off your prospects even if they don't decide to join your primary company.

b]5. Affiliate Marketing - Additional services and products you can offer for long-term sales. Will you say more money, more money, more money? Remember, some of these people haven't joined your primary company, however you're still making a profit off of them.

About Author / Additional Info:
Attraction Marketing is a highly effective way to optimize and leverage your home based business. It will explode any business using these tools the right way.
If you want your very own attraction marketing system, fully customized to BRAND YOU, contact me now.