Yes, as the title suggests, a 16 year old girl can make 400K within 45 days ( . Shock, disbelief and 'what did she do ?' filled my mind. Then I thought, what was I doing when I was 16? Whoa.. Definitely not about money. Not about how I plan my life to be in 5 years time or how am I going to earn money. Probably thinking about which movies to catch that are screening at the moment or which guy is cuter than the other...

And look... A 16 year old girl has the financial capacity to get anything she wants! A car, house and all other necessities you need to build a home in this practical world. Normal people on the street would have to work their butts off for at least 5-10 years just to be able to earn that amount of money.. Well, she did it in a month and a half..

More importantly, she CONSISTENTLY makes this amount of money! It is not striking lottery like it is a ONE HIT WONDER. The money keeps coming in. So then, if a 16 year old can do it, why can't I? Why can't the rest do it too?

So then, I come back to the best proven FORMULA that everyone condones just because everyone is doing it. If I do not do it, I am bound to failure.. right? What is that FORMULA that all of us conforms to?

Yes, it is what it is. All of us study, educated well enough to serve the community through what we call as JOBS. We work and we work and work till we finally expire and then we go 6 feet under. It doesn't sound as glamorous as it seems to be, BUT everybody is doing it.

Is this how I would define Success?

Well, I can probably say that this 16 year old girl is lucky, she's smart, she's creative, she's blahblahblah..... But she is like any other human being out there. Or maybe she does not have any commitment, that is why she is able to start something out on her own?

Am I trying to find excuses to stop myself from stepping out of my comfort zone to try something out of the ordinary? Out of the norm? Just because my family and friends are applying and endorsing the FORMULA that is why I have to?

Well.. I certainly thought long and hard about it. Looking at my fellow colleagues chasing monthly paychecks just to fund their bills, lifestyle and luxury. Saving from what is left from their small paychecks just to survive till the next.

If you are doing something you like and getting paid for it, that will be the BEST! But, life isn't perfect. My heart goes out to them when they grouse about their workload, other colleagues and superiors.
And then I thought, is going without a job so terrifying that I would have to carry on to work till I DIE? When can I retire and enjoy life? Well, the older generation is doing it, so should I too? Is that the only way I can earn money?

"It is only when you TRY, you will know how it is". I wanted to work smart now, make all the money I can and start living with style.

Swaying off-course from the 'templated' path, on the roads less traveled got me thinking of how I want a life for myself and my loved ones. Not a custom route that I have to take instilled by the past references. I would not inculcate this FORMULA in my children.

(this is DEFINITELY not for me)

I believe everyone can do something for yourself and your loved ones too. Work towards in building something that is genuinely yours and start living freely. You can realize your dreams, just like I did.

Please please please take action today as you are reading this.

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