Marketing is arguably the most important field in the business industry, as every company--no matter what it sells, provides, or promotes--relies on marketing to sustain its sales efforts and continue to bring in revenue. Within the sphere of marketing, however, there is a large variety of approaches that can be adopted by professionals. One of these, direct response marketing, is relatively new yet already causing a stir in the business industry. Rich Gorman, from, is a business consultant who has really driven the field and innovated the ways in which both he and other professionals utilize direct response marketing on a day to day basis.

Direct response marketing is unique in that it allows marketing professionals to receive the feedback of consumers instantly--instead of utilizing expensive middlemen that essentially cut both the profit and the degree of constructive criticism that consumers provide. This allows for larger profit margins as well as the ability of marketers to measure the responses of consumers in ways that can help them tweak their strategies and improve their techniques. Rich Gorman realized early on that direct response marketing was going to be a hit, so he purchased the domain and built it up into a blog that is now seen as the ultimate authority in the field.

The thing that has made Rich Gorman's website so successful is the fact that he is committed to sharing the best tips and tricks of the trade while simultaneously altering his own tactics to better serve the current market. After years of working as a consultant and handling projects that fall under the realm of sales, marketing, and systems development, Rich Gorman has been able to utilize his expertise to create a flexible yet effective business strategy--one that he has shared with the world through

With controversial posts that reveal the secrets of the industry and a dedication to helping others turn their ideas into profitable businesses, Rich Gorman has utilized his blog as a platform from which to innovate the direct response industry. These innovations stem not just from his own work, but from the work that he does with the Direct Response team--a team that is made up of the smartest minds and most profitable professionals that the industry has to offer.

Rich Gorman has not only revolutionized the marketing field, he has extended its reach by providing his own ideas to many successful professionals who otherwise would not have had the tools to succeed.

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