FantaZ is an internet video gaming website that recently went live on September 1, 2010. They feature a platform that offers a countless number of various video games that can be played against others for monetary rewards and prizes. There is no physical product to be obtained as FantaZ is fully online. One may become a distributor and cultivate a downline team, or simply play for free and have the possibility to win cash and other prizes. It is suggested that major corporations such as NASCAR, NFL, Fox Network, and Chase Manhattan Bank all have a hand in FantaZ and it is attracting the notice of major celebrities and professional athletes. FantaZ is ready to have over 1,000,000 people join within the first 90 days. Given the popularity of video gaming, this figure may not be too far off. Games are claiming to include everything from fantasy sports to combat to skill, and even incorporate competitions involving fashion and existing reality show television.

The FantaZ compensation plan is a uni-level construction that pays a 10% override as deep as 7 levels based on entry fees and monthly fees collected when a member in your downline participates. FantaZ has hundreds of online tournaments which are analogous in structure to many of the now popular gambling and poker sites. When a person enrolls in a tournament, he/she pays an entry fee and a portion of that fee is then rewarded to upline distributors. If the model of this site catches on as estimated, it could be a winning venture for individuals who build a solid and significant downline.

An online recruiting style should work perfectly to catch the attention of new FantaZ players and distributors. Since the participants must be on the internet to join, the niche here will be chalk full of internet surfers. As a result, an internet marketing campaign for recruitment looks to be ideal. With the introduction of the company being so new, there will be minor competition now for those to get on the bandwagon and put together a solid, automated, online marketing strategy. This would include a good mixture of article writing, videos, press releases, list building, direct and autoresponse emails, blogging, and other targeted techniques designed at this unique niche. Making the time to learn and execute these things should pay substantial dividends as FantaZ grows in popularity.

One of the major determinants of success with marketing online is the competition for keywords. A perfect example of this would be the mortgage or insurance industries. These industries are greatly competitive and flooded with well established companies and websites. As a result, someone brand new to either industry who is attempting to rank well for the keywords "insurance quotes" or "mortgage rates" will have a near unachievable task of getting to page one organically. However, since FantaZ is a brand new company, reaching page one of any search engine for the search term "FantaZ" will be much more feasible and without a doubt achievable for anyone who has the know-how and invests the time to do this appropriately. These are also skills that can be learned in a relatively short period of time. My opinion for anyone looking to develop a FantaZ business would be to get on this job right away while the timing is exceptional and you will garner the rewards!

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