Too often, when I see inexperienced network marketers and affiliate marketers building their downlines, I witness a problem that can severely stunt and even potential kill a new business. From the day that someone signs that application form, they look forward with anxious anticipation to the day that they will actually find their first distributor. In many cases, this celebrated occurrence results in an interesting phenomenon when that day comes, as the sponsor literally ceases all prospecting activity to invest time helping his/her new recruit. The problem here is now two-fold. First of all, continued recruiting is the lifeline of My Shopping Genie for anyone who wants to create long term, meaningful residual cashflow. Your biggest bonuses and overrides are earned as a result of first-level sponsoring. The second issue is the fact that creating this work model within your group means that soon the only people focused on recruitment are the brand new distributors... which moves the flow of money away from you!

The vast majority of your efforts with building your My Shopping Genie business MUST focus on growing your front level and recruiting. 80% of your activities need to be things dedicated to doing exactly this. Imagine if this type of work concentration spread itself down through your business? Can you see how critical this type of model can be towards the bottom lines of not only you but also the individuals within your group. The speed of the leader is always the speed of the group, so if you definitely want to mature as a leader with My Shopping Genie, don't get tied down with non-revenue producing activities and instead polish your skills in areas that encourage the expansion of your team.

This is maybe one of the best benefits of building a My Shopping Genie business online. The conventional methods of network and affiliate marketing are labor intensive in a way that actually requires you to spend more of your time as your business begins to get bigger. You find yourself doing more coaching, meetings, conference calls, trainings, etc... and as a result, your recruiting efforts fade and you interrupt doing the things that made you successful initially. On the other hand, building My Shopping Genie via the internet results in the development of tools and content that continues to exist and perform for you even while you are not working. This is an extremely crucial concept to grasp. By having an online, automatic system of lead generation, your recruiting instrument never closes! You are genuinely able to then benefit from the freedom that this industry can produce.

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