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  • Lawyer Shares Success Story    By: Harris Stacey

    Dealing in workers' compensation is the success story of a local attorney. He drives a Rolls Royce and lives in his own apartment building and claims he is successful. >> Category: Politics
  • Green Campaigning    By: Jinal Dadiya

    Walking down the streets of a metro city on the eve of municipal elections, with Al Gore's 'An inconvenient truth' I watched just an hour ago playing in my mind, it was natural for me to question each in the others perspective and here are some of my simple observations. >> Category: Politics
  • Some Very Basic and Grass Root Causes For Poor Health in Rural India.    By: S Edwin

    In India, health care is lagging because of the political inaction. Various sectors are booming, but health care lags behind. >> Category: Politics
  • Increased Claims Lead to Bigger Commissions While Insurance Companies Lose    By: Jennifer Andrew

    No matter where you look these days, you will almost be bombarded with images of lawyers advertising their services for you. Did you get hurt in an accident or have a car crash? Do you have whiplash? We can help! >> Category: Politics
  • Who is Noynoy Aquino?    By: Melea Agatha Silong

    Noynoy Aquino is the only son of the heroic and historic couple Corazon Aquino (former president of the Philippines) ang Benigno Aquino (who fought for democracy). Noynoy is running for precidency and with his luck, he tops the surveys and the unfinished vote counts. But behind this very high descent in the society, who is Noynoy in real life? >> Category: Politics
  • 2010 Philippine Elections: How Far Did It Go?    By: Melea Agatha Silong

    Everyone awaited for the 2010 Philippine National Elections as the candidates held their breath while they wait for the results of the election. However, how far did the elections go with its changes? >> Category: Politics
  • What Terrorism Is    By: Nazar UlIslam

    The world of information is a smoky pub where sane thinking can not prevail. There is no doubt that sympathy still exists but empathy is hard to find. Concern for peace has become everybody's business but coming up with sincere effort to bring peace is nobody's responsibility. >> Category: Politics
  • Problems Faced by the Tribal People Leading to Naxal Problem    By: Deena David

    The tribal people or the hill people in India are a neglected lot. This has given rise to the naxal problem. Read about the problems faced by the tribals. >> Category: Politics
  • White House Talk    By: Samir Kumar

    The Indian Prime Minister Singh met President Obama on 11 April on the sidelines of Nuclear Security Summit. The attempt is to present a fictional account of the conversation between the two leaders. >> Category: Politics
  • Working Government    By: michael carvell

    Working affective government will not work with two party system republican democrat its taking affective people's government away from Americans. Health care is free market business not part of failing bail out business government. >> Category: Politics
  • Lets See and Watch    By: Liyakat Shah

    The atmosphere all over India be it a state or the Union territory is evenly charged with elections for the Lok Sabha >> Category: Politics
  • The Tamasha Called Democrazy    By: Samir Kumar

    Democracy in a true Indian Style. Tamasha is a Hindi Word for ' Drama'. Intention is to discuss the various actors of this Drama played out in India. Hope you like it !!! >> Category: Politics
  • The Pocket Singh Interview    By: Samir Kumar

    Bhola Singh has certainly impressed his bosses at BNN. He was asked to host a show 'Shoot at Talk'. An interview which promises to put some difficult questions to all the politicians. Excerpts from the interview with Pocket Singh >> Category: Politics
  • The Benefits of Unique Identification Card in India    By: S Edwin

    Unique Identification Card (or the National ID Card) in India are to be issued after 2011. Read on to learn the benefits this will provide to the citizens of India. >> Category: Politics
  • Democracy a Way of Life    By: Liyakat Shah

    Democracy can change any form of government. Democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln that it is for the people by the people and of the people. India the land of multilingual linguistic grandiosity has experienced the caliber of holding the crown of largest democracy in the world. >> Category: Politics
  • The Politics of Women's Bill in India    By: S Edwin

    The Women's bill as it is called that asks for reservation for women in electoral seats in India wil indirectly help to empower women. Read all about the politics of Women's bill in India. >> Category: Politics
  • The Important Methods Used by an Ideal Politician    By: Deena David

    A politician uses various methods to be the ideal politician. A budding politician needs to know all these to be successful in his political career. Read this article to learn about all these methods. >> Category: Politics
  • The Various Steps in Political Action    By: Jo Justin

    There are various steps in political action that have to be taken to make you successful. Read about all these steps that can make you into a successful politician. >> Category: Politics

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