CWG is everywhere now a days in Delhi not for good at all. we see several big things happening in India, I am no fan of cricket or games. When i see people sitting in car and AC and talk about poor people who can never manage to answer their comments about lifestyle in public media. I wonder whether this country has got any trace left for the last common man who is taken as the first beneficiary of the Indian constitution. I have some straight questions for so called elite people with big brains running this government and IAS and IPS officers, Behind the curtain.

(1)- Do You really believe that there is a place for the last person who is starving due to your economic policies and rampant corruption without any social security.

If yes, who is doing it and how do you think it is happening if a person does no have a penny in his pocket and he is hungry if he goes without food for a night you have no authority to occupy that high office or take any kind of tax from Indian people. You do not have authority to sleep in ac rooms with several bodyguards when a common man is not able to lodge an FIR for the crime without bribe. I would never start from the bottom that who is responsible for it we need to change the system upside down. I start from our constitutions who does not hold guilty to the high office (PMO) for any consequences that impact common man lives,

They have got enormous strength to displace lakhs of people from their dear homes in the name of development and then they sell those areas to the builders for development where rich and elite people live at the same time if poor people make a colony they say it is illegal because there is no paperwork, and then they buldoge it may be many of you might have experienced it LET ME WARN THESE ELITES THAT HUMAN IS NOT PIECE OF PAPER . We have emotions. we are like those privileged people who got posts in political parties and at government offices because of theirs fathers, mothers or brothers, We can change things upside down. It seems This government system has become some kind of anarchy where a few crorepati contest with one another after victory they celebrate as if they have got a lottery ticket and after that they encash it for next five years.

(2)- The amount of money that was spent in CWG without common people consent,
Democracy says that such government should be thrown away with out any delay because the misuse of public money for personal leisure. I visited several schools in Delhi and Haryana, UP , Bihar, Uttarakhand where children have to travel several kilometers just to reach school. Have you every thought about those little students who are our future.
If you say yes - you are lieing because you spent more than 77000 crore rupees for 14 days event.

While you are risking the lives of our precious infants by not providing enough funds for health care

I want to cry against this sheer crime against humanity and invite my fellow citizen to take an oath that they will fight for it. We are at a place in history when common Man will do change things,

We have to change ourselves, we need to think as a soldier who is fighting on a border. perhaps the enemies at the border is only interested in fighting with and winning through a fight But here our fight is from ourselves - we have got weeds in our plantation called corrupt politicians and corrupt IAS and IPS we need to eradicate them, I CALL MY FELLOW CITIZENS FOR A LARGER DEBATE AND VOLUNTEERS TO GARNER STRENGTH TO THIS MOVEMENT . WE NEED TO TAKE AN OATH FOR LIFE TIME THAT WE WILL BE THE CHANGE. you can communicate with me at

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