Noynoy Aquino is the only son of the heroic and historic couple Corazon Aquino (former president of the Philippines) ang Benigno Aquino (who fought for democracy). Noynoy is running for precidency and with his luck, he tops the surveys and the unfinished vote counts. But behind this very high descent in the society, who is Noynoy in real life?

I was in my mom's office and we're having lunch with my mom's officemates and friends. They were talking about lots of things (such as hold uppers, thieves, politics, Vice President elect, Jejomar Binay and Kris Aquino, the youngest sister of Noynoy Aquino). But then, as they talked about Kris, they remembered that Noynoy leads the votes and is now about to be the president of the Philippines starting the 14th day of June.

They talked about Noynoy. He, living a simple and quiet life until his mother, Corazon Aquino, died. After the death of the previous president, every Filipino expects that he'd continue the fight for democracy and run for presidency in this coming national elections. At first, he did not want to run for it for he wants to live a quiet life. But then, he thought about the 'Fight Undone' his parents started so he decided to run and continued it.

However, even if he is now the top elected president of the Philippines, he still decided to live a very simple life just like how he did before. He stated that, he won't like to stay at Malacanang during his term for he is very shy that people might see him wearing shirts with holes just like how he did at home. He said that he is used in wearing teared up shirts for it is more refreshing.

One reporter saw Noynoy Aquino at his house in Times Street. The reporter saw him licking an ice cream, but was surprised when Noynoy said, "Come, let's eat" We realized that as the campain have gone by, Noynoy was able to capture a big change. From his silent personality, he turned into a man full of talk, generosity and improved his socialization skills.

As the next president of the Philippines, we do not expect something perfect from him, but something positively different. Yes, he is the beginning of the country's big change..

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