The government of India is planning to issue unique Identification cards to all the citizens of the country. This is one of the best things that is happening to the people of India. All these days, people were having many kinds of identification cards. Some of these cards were PAN cards issued by the income tax department. Other identification cards included the driving license and also the ration cards. Each of these have their own value, but it should be understood that many of the government offices themselves do not accept one of these at some times as proof of identification.

The best example of this is the Election commission of India does not accept the ration cards as proof of identity. This is the reason that the identification card that will be unique and also issued to each and every citizen of India is great.

There are various advantages of being issued an unique identification card and they are as follows:

1. Deceased terrorism threat:

The lack of an unique identification has mad it possible for terrorists to forge various document . and also live in various identities. If the government is able to provide unique identity cards, then it will be easy to ensure if a person is truly a citizen of India or has been in India as a terrorist. The unique identity card that is provided to every Indian will be a first step in rooting out the threat of external terrorism in India.

2. Social security:

The provision of a unique identity number and card to all the people of India will also be the first step towards the provision of social security to all the people of India. It will also be able to help in the prevention of various kinds of frauds committed by people. For example, if one person is trying to make a fraud in another person's name, it can be easily traced. Any credit card fraud or other kinds of fraud can also be easily detected. This is another important advantage of a unique identity number.

3. Welfare schemes:

It is easy for the government to identify the people who need social security and also other welfare schemes. There are many welfare schemes that are provided by the government to people who are in the below poverty line category. There are many times when the other people who are already above the poverty line try to use the resources meant for others. The provision of a unique identity card will prevent all these kinds of problems and the actual poor people in the country will benefit from it.

4. Lack of many cards:

There are people who use different kinds of identification cards. When the unique identification number and card are given to the people of India, it can be used as an identity card and there will be no need for a separate PAN card and also a separate voter's identity card.

All these are some of the most important benefits of the provision of unique identity cards to all the citizens of India.

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