Welcome to the White House Mr. Singh; Appreciate you could come!!

Thank You Mr. President, Pleasure is mine. I hate to be in New Delhi.
Yeeah I saw CNN and New Delhi is indeed hot.

Well Mr. President... I am not talking about weather but the Tamasha ( Drama) going there.My government is challenged on all fronts. Opposition led by BJP has already joined hands to bring the Cut Motion against Finance Bill. Moreover my party men cannot stop fighting; Home Min & Dighvijay. Even Madam Gandhi is not happy with my policies. Moreover Mr. Tharoor once again is creating problems. Mr. President it seems he cannot get enough of twitter. Wonder if he got inspired by you using twitter during your campaign??

Well Prime Minister but I do not use twitter to create controversies. May be I will use this now to boost my approval ratings.

So have you seen the movie "Charlie Wilson's War?" It seems some members of your administration are making same mistake. You do appreciate that all sort of aid (Military and Financial) will be used to fight us along with the Taliban.

Well we have got a war on or hands. Besides we cannot be in Iraq and Afghanistan for ever. Your country is a vibrant democracy with expected double digit growth. Hence we can't expect you to fight our war. We cannot expect Chinese to fight this war. Hence to fight these rogue elements we need to depend on rogue state.

Mr. President ... but it seems the Washington's zero sum game policy is back... Isn't it?

Well Mr. Singh but we are using this in a different way; we feel if you are a natural ally to help us come out of economic mess; we feel Pakistan is better suited to help us in Geopolitics.

But....This is creating a negative public sentiment in India. People are questioning if we have now become the "American Poodle"?

Don't worry Mr. Singh....My upcoming New Delhi visit will take care of it. A couple of interviews and some right noises will do the trick. I assure you every thing will be alright.

Mr. President but give us some thing at least for the sake of joint statement looking good. At least give us the access to David Headly.

See you know we cannot agree to it... however if it makes you happy...Mention that you have my support. Mr. Singh our time has almost run out. Need to go for another bilateral talk with your neighbours. Talk to you when I am in New Delhi

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