Engulfing America is a storm. A storm that could dramatically change America's fortunes in the coming years, a storm that has serious consequences on the lives of the American people and a storm that has captivated many in all parts of the country. It is a storm that everyone seems to have an opinion on, however correct or however radical. No not a literal storm, a political storm. Tuesday sees the culmination of President Obama and Mitt Romney's frantic election campaigns as the country will finally decide who will be President come Wednesday morning. Before I begin, I want to state that I am pro-Obama. It will make this article easier to understand. Mitt Romney has always striked me as a man without substance. The slicked back hair, the self-promotional talk and the constant references to past 'successes' as Governor of Massachusetts have all seemed to act as a smoke screen, blanketing the fact that he seems to have no real plan. If I had a pound for everytime Romney mentioned these 'successes' in Massachusetts, coupled with his 'role' in the Olympics, I would have enough money and subsequent power to avoid paying taxes as well.

Although Obama has appeared to lose part of his 'Messiah'-like status during his four years in office he still seems to be the favourite to win the election come Tuesday. Perhaps this election more than any other will come down to the concept of image and personality. Obama's image may be in decline one could argue, but Romney is hardly this sort of 'Messiah'-like person who can smooth talk and charm his way into the White House. In fact, to me Romney almost appears to be this creepy 'elephant in the room' type individual. You know, the sort that would turn up to family dinner parties despite the fact no one would want him there. Only everyone fails to say something about it. You just have to make do with him for a few hours. The scary thought is though, that we may have to make do with him for the next four years.

What intrigued me most about the recent presidential debates was the word 'promise'. It seems to be the contemporary American politician's buzzword nowadays, frantically referenced to during this frenzied circus that takes over the American way of life every four years. The use of listing has become a politician's best friend. However, promises it appears are what Presidents are judged on. CBS, for example, even has a six-page article outlining Obama's promises from his 2008 campaign and correlating them to the decisions he has made in the White House. It is perhaps ironic that Obama's most major decision and arguably, success, has been his role in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden although he never campaigned as a 'military hardman', someone who would ruthlessly and forcefully stand up to the might of foreign powers as previous presidents have done, namely Ronald Reagan. Much like the Falklands War dramatically changed Thatcher's fortunes as Prime Minister, could the death of the man responsible for 9/11 be the catalyst for Obama to gain a second term? We will have to wait and see.

Although it must be said that my interest in this election campaign only began quite recently, it is perhaps quite shocking that Romney's comments about abortion, amongst other things, seemed to have been brushed under the carpet and replaced with the extruding image of his victory in the first presidential debate in Denver. If Obama does lose this Tuesday, then one could argue that he only has himself to blame. From an election that looked to be a McCain-Obama imbalance and only a formality for an Obama landslide victory it has become a tight and close affair. The smallest of margins could separate each candidate, for instance perhaps the fact that Obama seems to have connected with women's rights and women's health a lot more than Romney could be seen as being vital in the grand scale of things.

In my eyes however, the recent disaster Hurricane Sandy may have done more good than anything else in helping Obama's election campaign. Although it had catastrophic implications on a struggling America, while Romney was out on the campaign trail for most of the time, it allowed Obama to do what he does best: talk to the citizens and charm them with first-hand contact. It allowed him to portray himself as a true, strong leader again. In terms of this election then, this could in hindsight be the pivotal turning point in a campaign that concludes on Tuesday, one that is unresolved as I write this and one that has captivated thousands for months.

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This is my first foray into Political Journalism.