Throughout his presidency, Mr. Obama has repeatedly invoked the name of Abraham Lincoln. It seems as though, he is trying to fabricate an impression of having modeled himself in the image of our 16th President. I believe history will reflect the only commonality between the two is ... the State of Illinois. However, when it comes to the Chicago brand of politics, he does not stand alone. He practices the art made infamous by Al Capone.

Late in 1930 with thousands out of work and America stepping through the threshold of the Great Depression, Scarface set up his own soup kitchen. The program purportedly fed over a 1000 hungry people per day. On the surface, Big Al was a hero and the mainstream press consumed the ploy and ardently depicted him as such. While the food was a godsend to the unfortunate people of this time, the Big Fellow's intentions were most likely not for the good of his fellow man. The US Attorney's Office had just obtained tax related convictions against two of his top soldiers (Frank Nitti and Ralph Capone) and he needed to generate some good press for himself. It is largely suspected that the majority of the food provided was supplied by local vendors that were either blackmailed or strong armed. Most likely the cost incurred by Big Alphonse was little to nothing to run the program. While I guess you could say there is some good in everything, Mr. Capone's soup kitchen was by all indicators more a selfish act rather than a selfless one. A reasonable person may conclude that his intent for the program was one of diversion and most likely a ruse to garner support from the mass. Sound like someone of this day and time?

The Reality is - Capone lives - at least in spirit.

This President seems to lack a sense of priority and understanding of what it is that made America the greatest country on this spinning rock. Self reliance, unity and exceptionality seem to be the targets of relentless attacks. The 44th term has been one marred by blame and excuses and to never be culpable. However if something occurs of value, he is the first one to stand up consume full credit. Regardless of the level of participation or if the decision made was one that most would consider a no brainer. In the opinion of many, his popularity and ability to conceal adversity along with potential future detriment, is in large part, fueled by the mainstream media and a couple of notable taxpayer funded media outlets. With the latter, often times crossing the line, breaching the lawful intent and purpose of obtaining a tax exempt status. A reasonable person may assume that the aforementioned have forsaken and/or revised what I can only imagine is the most sacred aspect of journalism - this being the long standing journalist credo. The America public has the right to expect that what is being reported is factual and without bias. Anything less could be considered a technique of brain washing and therefore unworthy of the public trust. We have observed this President and without exception his party, carry out actions and maneuvers contrary to the U. S. Constitution and the will of the people. Only to accuse to the other party of doing the same. For the most part, this has had some success with the ill-informed after being propagated by the media entities previously mentioned.

In addition to, Mr. Obama on several occasions has compared himself to his predecessors (Lincoln, Reagan, and Kennedy - amongst others). Desecration fails definition, considering his insertion into the bios of various past Presidents and his 2012 campaign depiction of Old glory with her stars missing replaced by an Obama "O". One must question the motivation. Is this an attempt to feed an extreme case of egocentrism? A feeble attempt to compensate for an inferiority complex? Could it be both, if that is possible? It appears as if he is content with spinning an image as opposed to creating one. The past 3 years plus has proven to be a period of tactical divergence (co-opted by the mainstream media) imposed on the American public in an attempt to divide and conquer. In 2007 the then Presidential candidate stated he knew the challenges facing the nation and if elected promised "Hope and Change". All things considered, the naked emperor has exposed himself and the 2012's sentiment for many is "Hope for a Change"

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