Corruption is a bane that has affected many countries. The corruption is deep rooted in the society and there are many countries that have corruption at many levels. There is no difference between the developed nations and the underdeveloped nations as far as the corruption is concerned, but when the corruption is rampant and has no control, the development of the country is stopped in the tracks. In fact there are many countries where the rulers of the country are corrupt and this has caused them to become rich, whereas the country has not developed at all.

The reason for the country to not develop because of corruption is as follows:

1. The ripple effect:

When the leadership is corrupt, the people who are working in the country also become corrupt. The corruption does not seem to be a crime anymore and instead becomes a way of life. People at every level of bureaucracy become corrupt. This ripple effect causes the people of the country who are individuals to become rich with big bank balances, but the national kitty becomes empty.

2. The root cause of troubles:

As the corruption in the society increases, people become very disgruntled. This is especially true about the people who are not corrupt or those who are not in positions where they can be corrupt. These people see the corrupt people becoming richer, while they are becoming poorer. As the gap between the rich and the poor widens, there is a sudden outburst of anger in the form of riots and civil wars. This has been seen in some of the most corrupt countries, especially in the African continent. As the country is embroiled in civil war, the poor become further poor and finally they have to leave the country as refugees.

3. Corruption prevents infrastructure growth:

Only when the government is spending on various projects will the country be on the path of growth and recovery. As corruption increases in the society, there is little money being spent by the government on various infrastructure projects. As the infrastructure is not developed, the investment to the country from various other sources also decreases. The industrial development is also halted because corruption makes the functioning of the companies and industries to become unviable.

As the country becomes stunted in the growth, there is overall discontent among the people. If the country has an elected government that has been elected in a democratic manner, the people will punish the government for being corrupt, but it has been seen that the countries that give a high priority to the democratic process also have a system of accountability. The corruption is rampant in counties that have an autocratic or dictatorial method of leadership, where the people who ask questions against the policies of the government are jailed and annihilated.

The democracy and a just society will not be a place where people are corrupt. On the other hand, other kinds of communities and societies have a high risk of corruption and stunted growth of the economy.

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