Rod Blagojevich offered the President an opportunity that would have revolutionized American federal governance and would have delivered on the Hope Mr. Obama had sold. Blagojevich offered President-elect Obama a deal that would allow one of his top advisors to replace him as senator of Illinois in exchange for the Governor being appointed to a cabinet position. But the President, high and mighty after capturing the hearts of the American Dream, decided to look past the Premier of Illinois and took the route down the old and worn out road.

These amazing new facts came out today in the Blagojevich trial. After sustaining many jabs and hay-makers from the federal persecution, Team Blago began their counterattack. Today, T.B. implicated many of the Good Ole Boys of the Ole Chicago machine in their web of lies.

Today's testimony showed that the President had a choice after he was elected between embracing the transforming power of Blagoarchy. The same archy that reinvented his native state so well, or take with him the old corrupt guard from the WCDM (Windy City Democratic Machine). He chose the old guard and sealed the fate of Mr. Blagojevich and his quiff.

With the Obama Administration reeling and the country still stuck in a deep recession we look at how different America and American democracy would be if Obama looked outside the box and chose another Chosen One.

Secretary of Labor Rod Blagojevich would have been a federal innovator in how our government handles policy and disputes. His model could have been a blueprint for all domestic departments. We envision that if he was Secretary of Labor and there was a dispute between a business and their labor counterparts, Secretary Blagojevich would open the decision's fate to a structured bidding process. Highest bid wins the dispute. This would first make the process quicker, because if one side didn't feel strongly about the situation they wouldn't bother competing with the bid. It would also force the sides together if it was a hot button issue as neither side would be able to afford the outcome if they didn't come to an agreement.

Just think how this style of policy resolution and implementation could be used throughout our government. Department of Interior, Indian Affairs, the EPA, Treasury, all face the problems of how best to handle disputes and implementation of polices on a daily basis. This new system would allow the free market to dictate these outcomes instead of fucking bureaucrats, as the side willing to put up the most money coming out on top.

Furthermore, money taken from these bids would help pay down our debt (the rest naturally would be taken by said Secretary as a conflict resolution fee). It would be revolutionary, by ridding our rotting elections from special interest money, money that could otherwise be slushed to most important discretionary issues deemed "really important". Then, our politicians can go back to focusing on the people they were elected to serve and not the people that funded their election, our deficit could be reduced, and policy could be better implemented.

But that is all just a dream, and now we are just staring at how Chicago is about to tear this country apart as these two Chosen Ones mahtsh it out in the courtroom.

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Peter is the Editor and Publisher of the Gentlemen's Period