Arvind Kejriwal.....a name known earlier to a few people only ,has now become a household name. Every news channel is following his activities. Every news paper is concerned about his future plans. Lot of guess work is going on about his next target. He has undoubtedly become hugely popular among masses. A large number of people are thinking that a leader should be like Mr Kejriwal,bold ,confident and honest. Common people who have become highly frustrated with the current political system are openly advocating him and saying that only someone of his caliber can mange this country well. After getting out of the shadow of Anna ,Kejriwal has grown bolder. It seems that his goals are getting clear to other political leaders too.

Kejriwal is now trying to expose corruption in every other political party .Perhaps he wants to project his upcoming political party as an alternative or the only available alternative to the people in present political scenario. But Mr Kejriwal has a very long way to go and his way is certainly full of difficulties. The first difficulty that he has to face is getting the organizational structure of his political party in place. He has to make his presence visible in every city and every village of the country if he wants to launch a national level political party and it is indeed a very tough task. In our country most of the people who want to join politics have motives which might differ from the objectives of Mr Kejriwal. Youths are more or less attracted to politics because of the associated glamour with it. Huge money involved in the political system is also a cause of attraction for unemployed youths. As far as common man is concerned, he is struggling to get a respectful and happy life for his family only. Now in such a situation the biggest question is ,how Mr Kejriwal will recruit sufficient man power needed to run his party. The next big question is that if some how he manages to setup the organizational structure of his party then, how will his party manage to attract voters?

Is the corruption only is such a big issue that will be sufficient to bring down existing political affiliations between voters and old political parties. In a country where cast and religion of a candidate is one of the most important considerations for voters, how corruption only will become a deciding factor? Another big question which will definitely be haunting voters minds that what is the guaranty that the candidates of Mr Kejriwal's party won't go corrupt when they become MPs or MLAs. It is largely believed that being in power is in itself a sufficient reason for an ordinary man to go corrupt. Even Anna has perhaps similar doubts in his mind and that's why he is still sticking to his stand of being non-political. Arvind Kejriwal has to keep this thing in mind that he will be fighting a political battle with seasoned politicians belonging to different political parties which do have a sufficient vote bank. How will Mr Kejriwal manage to get this already existing vote bank drifted in his favor.

Another very important fact which may shatter his dreams is that around fifty percent voters are still not casting their votes and majority of these voters belong to upper and educated class of the population which has been the major supporter of Mr Kejriwal's movements so far. Will he be able to make these people cast their votes on the polling day? Arvind Kejriwal may get appreciations from thousand many people of the country for what he has been doing till now but his political dreams are still seems to be long distant.

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