As a young woman observing the presidency race from afar I feel conflicted. On one hand, I almost feel a sense of relief and amusement that British conservatism is ridiculously moderate in comparison with the dear old Republicans.

On the other hand, I feel disgust. Disgust, that women, blacks, Hispanics, gay people and other minorities are being subjected to such political torment in what is supposedly the most advanced western nation in the world.

Indeed, it is estimated that if the election were to take place this month, a mind blowing 0% of black voters would be supporting Romney.

Indicative, obviously, of the GOP's historic loyalty to white Evangelical Christians.
However, it's also indicative of just how radically right the party has veered.
And the most prominent feature of Romney/Ryan's 'comeback team' (perhaps come-right would have been most relevant) is what the Democrat's describe as the War on Women. So much so is this seen as a war that Obama has created the campaign 'Republican Women for Obama'.

An oxymoron, clearly. But then, the women in the affiliated campaign video argue that being a voter of the Republican Party now stands for something completely different than what it did even under George Bush. It's made frequent news both domestically and abroad of this 'modern' Republican Party's stance on important issues regarding women's rights.

Todd Akin's now famous quote on 'legitimate rape' was the hot headline this week. Romney can condemn this expression of misogyny all he likes, it's still explicit that he holds similar views.
Firstly, he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. The same man that supports the Sanctity of Life Act which would ban abortions if the individual state chose to do so. The same man who relentlessly opposed Planned Parenthood. The same man who agrees with the extreme ideology of Ayn Rand, who believed Christianity should not be compassionate for the poor.

If he had his way, he would refuse contraception, force the mother through the pregnancy, then yell at her when she cannot afford to look after the child, refusing her welfare that apparently a true Christian should not offer.

This isn't a new direction. There have been many, many disgraceful quotes concerning abortion and rape in the past. Clayton Williams infamously stated in 1990; "If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it." And it would take a sizable chunk of a day to list how many Republican men have stated that a baby conceived through rape is a gift from God, hence should be embraced.

But what is even more concerning about the modern party is that Romney seems desperate to try to appeal to extreme Tea Party voters, and is therefore adamant to see such extreme views put into practice, quite unlike any extent of his predecessors. To such an extent, in fact, that he has even discussed repealing the famous resolution to Roe vs Wade, which was the landmark decision that safeguarded abortion rights.

It's odd, that a party that is so passionate about small government is also passionate to intervene in the on-goings of its citizen's uterus. Safeguarding the freedom to bear arms, but not the choice to bear children.

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