As Thisekedi announced his candidacy, the Congolese people of the entire Congo and those in the Diaspora had but one mission for him in regard to "Joseph Kabila": "Zongisa ye na Rwanda", they chanted over and over. The Allies and their media in the Congo, even covered up this deafening chant by Congolese and they would not dare translate it to their people and for their people back to their countries. Otherwise the people in the Allies' countries would ask the unavoidable question: Why would the Congolese people be asking one Congolese presidential candidate to send the other back to Rwanda if he were Congolese? (This is equivalent to Israeli people in and outside of Israel chanting and telling one Israeli candidate for the highest office of the land to send the incumbent Head of the Government "back to Palestine or to Gaza Strip").

Then the Master of the Universe confounded both Hitler Kagame's plans being carried out by his agent Kanambe-Kabila with the financial and political support of the hypocrites who called themselves the world's masters of democracy who were actually permitting little Hitler to continue to murder the Congolese throughout the country because they were flocking by the hundreds of thousands to the rallies of old lion Etienne Tshisekedi as the election-day approached.

With no support from the world, even as they were being shot dead day in and day out, the Congolese people, throughout the entire country, decided to take matters in their own hands by seeing to it that no pre-checked ballots for any candidate would be brought inside the voting places, on election day, November 28, 2011 (in some areas, Kanambe's soldiers were able to just seize the voting ballots and take them away to go and stuff them with pre-checked ballots for him; in other areas, the police just chased away the people and took over the place so they can stuff the ballot boxes again with pre-checked ballots. But, divine intervention made it that, at the end of the voting day, November 28, Kanambe-Kabila's plans turned against himself. At the end of the day, according to regulations that they had themselves drafted, votes were counted, results were written on paper, witnesses signed them, and they were posted outside in front of the voting stations for everyone to see. Finally cell phones' text messaging (SMS), these gadgets that had the blood of the millions of Congolese because they were being made with blood Coltan from Congo's Kivus, finally the Congolese people used them to sink Hitler Kagame and his Allies genocide ship. The Congolese people used the gadget to get in all the results of the election instantaneously. Thus, everyone, on the night of November 28th, knew who had won the elections (This included the international observers, the opposition parties, the Catholic Church which had the largest contingent of observers, 30,000 in all).

Here is, first, what an international observer of Congo's elections, a Canadian from Ottawa wrote, on December 9th, as Kanambe was getting ready, shamelessly, to falsify the results of the election even though everyone, including his allies, realized that he got caught in his own trap because everyone knew already that he had lost the election:

"I was present as an international observer for the elections in Kinshasa on Nov. 28, 2011. As the member of a larger team,.. Immediately after the voting was finished, the votes were counted in the same room in the presence of several witnesses. As soon as the votes were counted, as required by government regulations, the results were posted outside of the voting area. By these means citizens could know what was happening in each voting area. Given the ready access to text messaging (SMS) by cell phones, results could then be rapidly circulated. This is exactly what has happened... In Kinshasa, this is not the kind of result that the government controlled CENI had wanted..." (Eric Schiller, Ottawa, Canada, December 9, 2011: "Democracy Thwarted in the 'Democratic' Republic of Congo").

Finally here is what the Belgian journalist and specialist on the Congo, Collette Braekman, who also was in the Congo and observed the election in Kinshasa, wrote in the Belgian paper, Le Soir, the day following the election:

"... (after the voting of 11/28) everywhere, the Congolese people found another pastime: notebook and pen in hands, they ran through the voting stations in their area and voraciously wrote down the number of votes received by each of the presidential candidates... In Kinshasa, we joined the curious and we noted the results posted on the doors of several dozens electoral stations in many neighborhoods: in Matonge, in Barumbu, in Bandal, in Gombe,... Everywhere the spectacle was the same: sleepy and tired CENI agents who were cleaning the rooms before going home, the voting results validated by the signatures of witnesses and carefully posted outside the doors... And everywhere also, the voting results were similar: two-thirds of the votes for Etienne Tshisekedi, one-third for Joseph Kabila, about ten for Vital Kamhere, and nothing, absolutely nothing for the others except, here and there, a vote for Kengo wa Dondo, in the rich and the affluent neighborhoods... Politically, Tshisekedi's speech hit its target in Kinshasa, in Equateur where he received Bemba's votes, in Bandundu, in the two Kasais, in Bas-Congo, in part of Katanga, whereas in North and South Kivus which massively voted for Kabila in 2006, it is their son, Vital Khamere, who won there." (Collette Braekman, in Le Soir of Belgium, 11/29/2011: "Tshisekedi Hits His Target").

Thus, according to those who had tabulated all the votes, in spite of some frauds here and there and assassinations and attacks of citizens, Tshisekedi received 52.8 % while "Joseph Kabila" received 26.1% of the votes (Most Congolese agree that these 26.1% were from his paid members of parliaments who gave monies to the people in their districts to vote for them and their boss, and also from stuffing ballot boxes with pre-checked ballots whenever they could avoid the people's vigilance. Because even the Katanga province where Laurent Kabila was from, the people knew that "Joseph Kabila" was not a biological Kabila but an impostor, especially after he assassinated Kabila's daughter, sister, and other relatives, and also because of the fact that Laurent Kabila's biological children have to live in exile, and this "Joseph Kabila" had confiscated Laurent Kabila's inheritance while he had shared with Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, the millions that Laurent Kabila had kept in a bank in Zimbabwe - just in case you did not know why only Robert Mugabe came to this sham inauguration of "Joseph Kabila", this December 20, 2011 - ).

If on the night of November 28, at the end of election day, Etienne Tshisekedi won the elections, how can "Joseph Kabila" win after one week had passed? The answer is that as Hyppolite Kanambe and his worker, Ngoy Mulunda realized that he had lost the elections, he telephoned the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, his mining business associate, who had manufactured hundreds of thousands of pre-checked ballots in favor of the incumbent dictator-president "Joseph Kabila", to send them the next day. And, in order to bring them in unnoticed, the airports in Kinshasa and in Lubumbashi were evacuated leaving only soldiers and Kanambe's workers to oversee the unloading. Fortunately for the Congolese people, the Congolese community in South Africa was vigilant and notified the Congolese opposition in Kinshasa of what was happening. These are the ballots that Ngoy Mulunda would use (pretending that he was extending elections for 2 more days - can you imagine miserable villagers traveling again from miles on mud roads to go and vote after they had been brutalized already for attempting to vote on election day?) to declare, without official voting reports, those signed official voting reports, that "Joseph Kabila" had won.

So, now, Hitler Kagame and his agent, Little Hitler Kanambe/Kabila want to impose themselves on Congolese people again. But this time, the Congolese people have said NEVER AGAIN, even while the Allies' governments mildly preach non-violence and quietness even while they know that, not only the fact that the opposition has no armed militia and no army and Old Lion Tshisekedi has been preaching non-violence for 30 years now, but these preachers of "rule of law" know very well that "Joseph Kabila", who has now disarmed Congolese police and soldiers, is now killing thousands of people in Kinshasa and in other provinces, because they outright rejected him and have told the international media of a mass graves where he has been dumping young people they kidnap and kill i.e., in the Kimwenza neighborhood of Kinshasa, using 4,000 soldiers given to him by Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, untold thousands from Tanzania (where he has invested the millions that he has embezzled from the Congo), from his master in Rwanda, from Burundi, some 700 mercenaries from Angola, and, finally, over 4,000 outlaw soldiers that Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, got out of South African prisons and sent them to help "Joseph Kabila" terrorize and kill Congolese people (Jacob Zuma is a mineral business associate of "Joseph Kabila". Zuma's nephew, Khulubuse Zuma, and another South African by the name of Zondwa Mandela, according to investigators, look after Jacob Zuma's mining interests in Congo).

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Professor Yaa-Lengi is the president of the New York based Congocoalition (The Coalition for Peace, Justice, and Democracy in the Congo-Zaire, a group founded by the late Reverend Dr. Clarence P. Grant, late Pastor of the Convent Avenue Baptist Church).
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