2010 Midterm (OCT. 2010)

Empty campaign promises, popularity soaring
Untruths and façade, won in the scoring.
November is our chance - we don't need a second glance.
"Transparency in Government" equals oxymoron
Your credibility is the same as, the infamous Enron.
No substance, just excuses - we all know what the truth is.
Never to be tried - no partisan divide.
Flushed from the Bush - you attempted to hide.
More than trepidation - let's end the Obama nation.
What this country needs is to get out of the Reids.
A resounding sound - we will no longer be Pelosied around.
For this is certain, the House and Senate closed the curtain.
Back room politics, what do they know? Who cares if 70 percent of the voices said no
The elephant can't fight- the donkey is right.
Forget the Constitution, this is our resolution.
Social Security's success proves that the Federal Government knows best
In the coming years, we just give them less.
Shame on Attorney General Holder
The Pennsylvania dark cat attacked the voter
Or was it that you didn't hear - while drinking a Cambridge beer?
In Arizona, a lawsuit indeed
Injustice for illegals? No bother to read.
Grow the government, it's not big enough
If you think it's "We the people", it is going to get tough.
BP's oil spill, now the fish are ill.
The time is now, we've had our fill.
Wake up young voters, it has only been 2 years
Future outlook, hardship and tears.
Expanded government, ballooning deficit
If things don't change, you will be left with it.
To all the fakes and the ones just posing
Out of time and here is my closing.
Let's get rid of the slobs and bring back the jobs!

Second Half

Forwardly in Reverse

No economic plan, beyond the halfway mark.
Future filled with dynamite, awaiting the spark.
Ignored recommendations, a group of six was the call.
Never an intention, continued spiral and fall.
One term capitulate, from the executive mouth.
3 and one half years, and still heading south.
Rejected budget proposals sent from the throne.
The naked emperor can't pull the sword from the stone.
Rising gas prices, not allowed to drill.
Warren pulls the strings of the puppet, while his pockets fill.
Occupy Wall Street and Unions come out in force
Death of exceptionality and innovation, served as the main course
The generation of everyone gets a trophy, has come of age
Spawning the You Owe Me fictional book and page
Punish those that have worked hard, contemptible achieved wealth
Socialism soaring above the radar, no longer to be stealth
"All this for a damn flag", Michelle and 911 ceremony
Transparent is the 1st attitude, American acrimony
When it comes to college tuition, no need to work hard
Just cross the continental boundary, without a green card
To all the successful small businesses, yes you did build that
Without the tax revenue, the government would fall flat
Great catch phrase, the economy and silver bullet
Broken is the mask, no way to re-tool it
Faux pas Biden, they fixing to put y'all back in the chain
Maybe Joe should consider a second career, his comedy is insane
Vampires and this Administration, nothing less than a fake
Here is one for ya'll, how about a mallet and stake

Really ... Really?

Government employees making more than the private sector.
Makes as much sense as the feeder consuming the bird's nectar.
Greece and Spain shining stars of the Euro scheme.
Socialistic policies attack the American dream.
New York, Detroit, California budgets compare to the Grecian.
Unions and occupied, corrupted caustic fiscal secretion.
From 33 to 46%, the government expands in size.
About as effective as a diet with extra large fries.
Solyndra solar panels, beyond the point of no return.
Advanced knowledge, still ½ billion dollars flame and burn.
118 million sent to bankrupted Ener1.
Finland's car batteries can't charge in the Delaware sun.
Bankruptcy protection in 1 year for Beacon Power
Another 43 million sent to the deficit tower.
Expressed desire, best customer of Brazilian oil
Rejected jobs and pipeline on US soil
Fisker gets 523 million to make electric car
No car made here, Finland is how far?
Throughout the country green workers get laid off
Green CEO's large bonuses compare to Madoff
831 billion estimated cost of Obama's stimulus excursion
Price tag 297k per job, deceitful financial perversion
Extended benefits incentivize the unemployed
While the everyday worker's checking account go void
GE compromises technology, creates jobs under the Far East star
China is the benefactor of the appointed US job czar
World super power endures two unprecedented credit downgrades
Homegrown go hungry, anti-American checks, covert terrorist accolades

Reparatory Injustice

Hey Holder, is that a hood and cloak over your shoulders
New same old black panthers, integrity smolders
No longer a secret to don the feline beret
Preposterous objective, the Saltines will pay
The sum of a career spent in preparation
Exacting your own form of indefensible reparation
25 hundred unannounced beyond the Mexican Border
Pseudo top cop defies a Congressional order
Post 2 hours gun tracking equals zero
The blood on the hands is from an American hero
A tear struck the heart for the loss of Brian Terry
Responsive documents actions of contrary
To the lame stream media the officer has no face
Dismissive reporting network, journalistic disgrace
"Fast and Furious" discreetly sinister, no Mexican cooperation
Attack 2nd amendment, coercion anti-gun, birthright dissipation
Exercised mindset of a common street thug
Biased justice, finger gesture, shoulder shrug
Unbalanced scales of a onetime Federal Judge
The Lady and the blindfold, indelible smudge
Irrelevant and evidentiary, now silence and separation
Denied subpoenas, up yours Congressional Delegation
Attempt to forbid the Florida voter ID
Must show multiple times, Democratic primary decree
Hate group, publicized bounty and never a word
Honorable before name, repulsively absurd
idiotic assertion, terrorist on trial with American rights
Positive proof, justice miscarried, incessant Constitutional slights

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