India, a name of proud for the real patriots who has served the country along with their honest efforts. It was a dream for the revolutionists who had played a very vital role for the independence of India that after independence the people of this country will really understand the meaning of freedom and they can be able to share their thoughts for the full fledged development of the country. The revolutionists who had fought the struggle for freedom were only equipped with the madness to get their country free from the dirty grip of the egoist and ruthless Britishers.

After a long battle for independence against the Britishers, a time came when we got independence from their dirty grip of control.Indians started getting their several rights for their living.Constitution of India was build up and all the Indians ultimately came under the rights mentioned inside it. Everything use to go smoothly but some of the Indians who are among the super powers tries to show their dictatorship which ultimately should not be done.India is a country which follows Democracy which can be be defined as a government of the people,by the people and for the people.If such a nice democratic system is here,then the politicians who are among the superpowers of the Indian politics, why always show their ultimate will for any of the matters? Whether it is a matter of sudden rise in the rate of Crude Petroleum or the matter of passing a specific bill for the removal of corruption from India for the betterment of Indians,the government always puts their opinions ignoring all the other opinions of the people.How much it is justified?Not at all.Despite of continuous fall in the rate of crude petroleum and despite of the mass demand of people for passing up of a specific bill for getting rid of corruption from India,why the government is not at all careful and honest as per the demands and the graphs.Can't it be called the dictatorship of the government or simply Hitlerism?

Few days before, a simple man in Khadi kurta and Gandhi topi without having any particular chair in the current political scenario,got up and united entire India in favour of him for the removal of dirty corruption from our country only by the arms of his deep honesty towards India. He hosted the flag and marched on behalf of the entire India against corruption only because the government totally refused from his genuine demands of passing the Lokpal bill in the Parliament.This bill was totally in favour of the betterment of India and was demanded from the entire people of India so that the people can get relaxed from the roots of corruption which are currently spread in almost all the branches of this country. Finally,the government agreed only because the entire Indians got united and unity is strength.

To cap it all,it is obvious that such a kind of situation is not appropriate and totally dangerous for free India because the Indians have got independence to speak in their own democratic country for its betterment as per the definition of democracy. May God bless this country always.

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