Main.str.eam Me.di.a / may.en.stra.eem mee.dee.uh

• pp (pl.'s) a once upon timea reputable medium that gathered and reported news. (extinct)

• an entity of propaganda

• an agency of selective and biased broadcasts utilizing whatever methods necessary to deceive and twist events typically to appease owner's or top executive's agenda and philosophical viewpoints, with a total disregard for truthfulness and reporting factually. No regard for repercussions of misinformation.

• Modern day organizations that forsake reality and integrity by utilizing the journalist credo of the disreputable Al Arabiya. see selective sound bites, general electric, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC- Sharpton, Olberman, Matthews, Todd, Evening anchors
Me.dia Mat.ters / me.dee. uh mad.tur.ds

• an agency that disseminates propaganda and pillages American Tax dollars having achieved tax exempt status with a total disregard for integrity

NBC / en.bea.see
• acronym for Notoriously Biased Communications

• parent company of cable news station M.S.(mess) NBC - see viewership free of individual thought or inability to think for oneself, Presidential reciprocation by appointment, US job czar and jobs sent to China, sharpton really? olberman

NPR / en. pee. are
• acronym for Not -believable politically-biased regurgitation /'w.d• n.(pl.s) a fictional venue whereas the naïve and individuals with hidden agendas dwell. typically referred to as the "Land of make Deceive". / daks• n. a decision or statement contrary to reality and common sense and yet presented as truthful
O. / - adjective / -k (e-)le') adverb /'.i.te'

• n. (pl. ties) the power to seize undue credit and deflect blame
ability to pander to the cause of the day regardless, of previous stated positions or actionsto not be held accountable for detrimental actions and policies
to judge and attempt to influence the outcome of select events without knowledge of the facts and circumstances

• to deploy tactics and strategies designed to divide
ability to control entities that masquerade as news outlets

• ability to perpetuate divisiveness and endorse hate groups

• ability to insult and degrade the people of America or anyone with opposing opinions by use of insults or use of catch phrases

• ability to endanger Americans and long standing allies by leaking classified information.

• ability to spend U.S. tax dollars (with advance knowledge of eminent failure) on companies and projects in order reciprocate favors and guarantee respective CEO's millions of dollars in bonuses to reward their success in failure.

• ability to submit budgets that are discounted and collectively rejected by the both houses of Congress and yet criticize other budget plans by methods of spewing

• ability to deploy Chicago brand style of governing. see solyndra, stimulus generating jobs at a cost $297k per employee, CBS-NBC,ABC,MSNBC, e. holder and black panthers, Israel and iran, Fast and Furious, America's credit downgrade, Chicago's corruption rating, rejected budgets / nee'. En
• n. (pl. s) individuals lacking expertise and experience - with whom have achieved varying levels success and/or notoriety considered to be authorities on events and matters that affect the masses.

• a emissary presented as a victim or one that will suffer in order to persuade others to relinquish freedoms and liberties

• members of an administration that reward and compensate CEOs of failing and bankrupt corporations

• a person with no desire to contribute to self reliance and prosperity, incentivized by burdening and unsustainable programs. see select actors and entertainers, former US Speaker of the House, Georgetown University, Attorney General, extended unemployment program, unions and occupy Wall St., CBS-NBC ,ABC,MSNBC

YOM / '

• n. (pl. s) an individual or group that subscribe to a single ideology of forsaking hard work, exceptional ability and effort.

• The spawn of everyone gets a trophy generation
• A person that lacks in the ability of independent thought and completely discounts the values and rewards of self reliance and free will. see unions, "occupy wall street movement", people that forsake future generations and individual Constitutional rights rights

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