The naxalites or the Maoists as they are called are mainly the tribal people who are fighting the taking over of their land and forcing various changes in the way they live. They are upset about various things that are happening to them and their people. The main reason for them to taking to arms against the government is the rich people who try to cheat them of their rightful land and resources.

They also are fighting against the mining companies that are taking over vast tracts of their land to mine and cart away the resources while leaving the actual people who own the land to live at the mercy of the elements of nature. There are also various other reasons for the naxalites to take to arms. Though this is not right, the reasons are as follows:

1) Isolation - no roads, no communications: The people who live in these forest areas are completely isolated from the mainstream civilization. There are very few people who have become part of the mainstream. Many of the people have been suppressed and this has caused a lot of problems. The government has made reservations for the tribal people in the jobs and other educational institutions, but the important aspect is that there have been no proactive steps to improve the people's lives.

2) Living in small hamlets: The people live in small hamlets that are made of various natural products that are available in the forest. They do not even have any proper housing and the governments of the various states and also the government at the centre is ignoring the people living in such conditions. The main groups of people who actually work for the upliftment of these tribal people are the various non governmental organizations that work in these areas.

3) Sparse population: The population in the forests is very less and this is one of the problems that are faced by the tribal people. If the population is more, there could be more developmental work done by the governments.

4) Not enough food in the forest:
The lack of food in the forests has made the people to migrate in various seasons. This means that their whole life goes through a great turmoil. They have to leave their regular living area and move constantly in search of food. This leads them through various perils on the way including diseases, animals and other dangers.

5) Superstition: The illiteracy of the people living in the hills have made them to be very superstitious and this has made them to live in poor conditions.

6) Alcoholism: Alcoholism is another common problem faced by the people in the hills. There are various interactions that they have with the civilized people and this causes the people to get drunk.

7) Exploitation by plains people: The exploitation by the people of the plains is very high. The hill people or the tribal people bring all their produce to the markets in the plains and they get cheated and are paid only a fraction of what the products are actually worth.
These problems faced by tribals have led to the naxal problem.

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