The 100 days of the new administration is over and it is now the start of a serious and normal days in the Palace. And between those one hundred days, President Aquino was able to collect a $240 Billion investment pledges from other countries. He was also able to add new classrooms for public schools especially in the province.

But, not all citizens of the Philippines were amazed by his act. Some of them were disappointed for they said that he lessened the budget for Education in which, the palace denies. Some also said that he was not able to solve properly the Hostage Taking last August 23.

After this one hundred days, he made his report yesterday in which different people from different aspects in the society witnessed the speech. He emphasized in his speech the investment pledges he was able to get from abroad and the real democracy he was showing.

But as the President speaks, he was interrupted by a group of college students who study in University of the Philippines, in which was founded by the government. The students protested while they held slogans and started stating their emotions and what they want for their education. The students were complaining about the lessened budget for Education in which they said that Education must be the priority of the government for there are thousands of out of school children in the Philippines. This change of budget also affected UP (University of the Philippines).

While the students protested, the guards tried to stop them but the President told them not to for everyone has the right to speak up. The president listened and gave his answer. A lot of people were happy with the president's act.

As we remember last 2004 under the Arroyo Administration, same thing happened. While Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is having her speech, a gourp of students protested in front of her. But the guards shove them away and arrested them. The former president did not even bother listening and instead, she continued her speech as if she hears nothing.

With yesterday's incident, the President gave them freedom to speak even if the students did it with no respect to the president. After the protest, the emcee stated that giving a chance to speak for all Filipinos even in the wrong time is a real freedom for a real democratic country.

But as for me, I do hope that none of these shall happen again next time. Even if the president of the country cannot do what we expect, it still does not give us the right to shout in front of him, interrupt his speech and disrespect him. We should always remember that we should show respect to everyone, not only to the president.

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