With the end of the third level of elections, we can fairly say that the Islamic parties assumed the mission of rebuilding Egypt to obtain its normal position among the civilized countries.

Some people would say that the Islamic parties will confuse themselves with the disputed issues such as ; Shariaa, and constructing the Islamic way in every section of life . But I'm sure that the Islamic rule in Egypt will be smarter than any other foreign regime. First of all the dominating stream in the elections was the Muslim brotherhood and that indicates the medium way of most of people in Egypt, because that stream respects the other viewpoints and it's not strict .

In Egypt people are stick to religion and to the eastern traditions that form the ethics and customs . By imagining a country which is ethically constructed and enthusiastically working, in the wake of a revolution , I'm sure there will be a bright democratic model and a very fast growing country.

Islam urges for working in many religious speeches. Islam prophet Mohamed said that " if it's the time of the end of world and someone of you holds a plant, try to implants it" that indicates the continuity of working in Islam and there is also a very famous story about the two brothers , one of them was sitting in the mosque praying to God and the other was working, the one who works is better than the worshiper . So the Islamic attempt is very ambitious if it considers the importance of stepping gradually starting from feeding the hungry , housing the displaced, and learning the illiterate to the industrial and scientific improvement.

Mubarak left Egypt with nothing to follow on, in contrary, he left it declined in every thing. So the mission will be impossible unless it moves in the light of a scientific studies.

We are all know what the Islamic party of justice and development did in turkey . he moved it to the modern industries , the number of tourists were increased , and the country is going forward. so we will watch what the dramatic invention will do in a country in the size of Egypt with its varied resources and civilization aspects.

Also the other streams like "Alnour - the light" party which are relevant to the Islamic ancestors followers, are hopefully working to share the dream of constructing a modern country that never separates between people in the light of their sex or ideology. everyone in Egypt is ready for any challenge and just waiting for the whistle to start!.

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