If we see the past we clearly understand that when USA make every new weapon firstly they tested the weapons for assassination of any other nation specially Muslim countries. In the same context when predator drone were prepared then USA intelligence agencies wanted to know the access ability of this weapon . They choose the Tribal Areas for testing with the tout of Pervez Musharaff. Musharaff slogan was charming that "Pakistan's First" but unfortunately he was playing a game with USA for the sack of their Government. Although no person was involved from this territory in 9/11 attack. Question raises that why this areas was chosen for drone attack, simply answer that these warriors destroy Soviet Union. American clearly knows that now clock is turning and his number is beginning for the same situation as happened with Soviet Union due to his un-justise activities. Moreover this border was safe due to patriotic Tribal generation. USA, Mosad and RAW wants that Pakistani army cant play further major roll for the prosperity of Pakistan and solve the actual problem which is Baluchistan,hence war was shifted from Afghanistan to Tribal areas. This scenario tells us that why drone attacks beginning in Pakistan tribal areas.

A detail analysis regarding US drone strikes in Pakistan from 2004 to 2010 written by Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann have been published in New America Foundation. In this article the both writers are agreed that the killing of civilians in drone attacks is an impotent and politically charged issue in Pakistan. The strikes are quite unpopular among Pakistanis, who view them as violations of national sovereignty. According to Gallup poll from August 2009, only 9 percent approved of such attacks. These analysis also indicated that 114 drone strikes in northwest Pakistan from 2004 to 2010. In these drone attacks many civilian fatality cases have been noticed by human right organization. Pakistan Based Daily Frontier Post Journalist Sajjad Shaukat critically write in his article (Drone Attacks Sabotaging US Interests) that After fighting a different was for 10 years, American cost of war which has already reached approximately 6 trillion dollars will further increase decline of dollar and acute recession in side he country will give a greater blow to the US economy vis-a-vis other developed countries. Intensity of these problems is likely to lead America towards downfall. In this respect, disintegration of the British empire and the former Soviet Union offers a harsh lesson to Washington.Now by drone attacks on Pakistan, the US will face the same fate in its worst form. Nevertheless these unjustified strikes are likely to sabotage American regional and global interests in wake of a continued war against terrorism.

Now the same lesson is applying in Libya. David Ignatius a prominent American Journalist write his recently article( Drone Attacks in Libya : A Mistake) that this is wrong decision of Obama Govt for approving for the using of armed Predators over Libya. He said that as a Journalist who has chronicled the growing use of drones, is that this extension to the Libyan theater is a mistake. It brings a weapon that has become for many Muslims a symbol of the arrogance of U.S. power into a theater next door to the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, the most promising events in a generation. It projects American power in the most negative possible way.

After thorough analysis we reach this conclusion that why drone attack is not using against Israel where they are bombing, shelling and all prohibited weapons were used against innocent Palestinian. Kashmirs people wants plebiscite according to UNO resolution why this action has not been taken against India. Obama promised during election campaign but now refused to settle this long out standing issue of Kashmir. Why they not use drone attack on Korea because Korea is non-Muslim. Only drone are using for Muslim countries. Is this is justice who will take stand against this un-justice action.

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