Wherever we go, corruption follows. From one side we can hear a student saying "I'll give you chocolate if you tell me the answer" and from the other, you can hear a politician saying "I'll give you money if you vote for me".

A government official would not work unless you slip some notes into his pocket. Party members bribe their leaders for tickets. In addition to fees, colleges ask for so called "donations". Even primary education hasn't been spared by this fast-spreading disease.

We live in an era where money has the final say. For the rich, getting something done is a piece of cake. But what about the rest? Is it justified to deny them their rights and resources just because they can't afford to bribe. The Constitution guarantees to every citizen the right to certain services and resources. The shopkeeper of a government run Fair Price Shop has no right to increase the price of grains for profit. But why does he indulge in such malefactions? Who is the real culprit?The answer to this is us for we are the ones who bribe and accept bribes.

The Indian Government has found itself in a tight spot thanks to various scams. We've blindly criticised it for not being able to eradicate corruption. But, just think: Didn't we ever bribe the traffic police to avoid the punishment? Didn't we ever bribe the ticket collector when caught travelling without a ticket? Aren't these instances of bribery as well? Or are these too trivial to be considered so?

The fact is that corruption exists because we've encouraged it even in our day-to-day activities.We've welcomed it with open arms. Now, it is upto these very hands to put a stop to it.India is one of the most corrupt nations ranking 87th in the world corruption index.It was found that more than 75% of the people in India had firsthand experience of paying bribe or peddling influence to get any type of job done in a public office. As of 2010, India is the ninth-most corrupt country in the world, with about 54% of Indians paying a bribe in the past year, according to a global survey by Transparency International. It's not yet too late to realise the need to act and make a move. The future of our nation depends on what we do now

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