A month ago I was travelling by a New Delhi metro and a nice advertisement attracts my attention-"Delhi will soon become kerosene free city in the country". Under the scheme Delhi govt. set to will get lpg cylinder and a gas stove free of cost. In her budget speech Mrs. Dixit had announced providing to each subsidy of Rs 2000 to each of the beneficiary families to buy the cylinder regulator and gas stove.All the families covered under BPL and Antodaya Anna Yojana will come under the scheme besides these residing in Jhuggi Jhopri relocation colonies. I was very happy after hearing the news.I thought ultimately before elections our govt. is doing something better for the poor masses.

Now on 13th sepetember our central govt. hiked diesel price and restricted the supply of subsidized cooking gas to 6 cylinder per year.As we know that an average Indian family consists of atleast 6 members. An average family needs atleast 1 cylinder per month for household activities. Thus, the policy introduced by shiela govt how much will be effective?- Still a big question mark on my mind.Because restricting a family to 1/2 cylinder per month creates many problems in the family. If the members of the family cannot manage their household activities there are three options left for them.First,they have to go to nearby restaurant or dhaba to buy Rotti and Sabzi. And it is very difficult for the lower middle class family to buy each time from outside.second,they have to buy an extra cylinder in black which costs anywhere between 850 to 1000 bucks which is also creates difficulty for the poor or middle class family people. Third,options is conflicting to the policy of our shiela govt. i.e every lower middle class or poor family have to depend on kerosene oil for cooking or doing other household works.

Thus,how much the so called policies of our government not helping common people people quite clear from my article.We can easily say that this type of policies is just a strategy to get more in coming election.And it is my request to our government that the should review their policies before announcement.Because mere promise not implementation will not help our country to grow but it will left the country people in the dark....

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