The question is whether world leaders today are ignorant, fools, racists, misguided, or just plain corrupt, being in the pockets of the world's big businesses, and that's why they raise Cain about Syria but they say squat about the Congo HORROR?

Which conflict is worse: the Congo where in over 16 years millions have perished and continue to be slaughtered with over 2.5 million women and little girls violated in such horrible manner that "gang rape" and "mutilation" are too mild as terms to describe it, or Syria where the numbers of the dead are below 100,000?

Which is worse: Syria where the conflict is a true "Civil War" between Syrian people mixed with shades of religious extremism with terrorists' infiltration or the Congo which was invaded and occupied by outside forces of Rwanda and Uganda which have been doing the slaughtering, according to the UN investigators, NGOs, major media and independent investigative journalists, and such government officials as former US Ambassador and State Department official Herman Jay Cohen who, in 2003 in The Washington Post, reminded the world that the talk and writing about "rebels" in the Congo is bull crap:

"The 1998 effort (the invasion which started the Congo holocaust) to capture Kinshasa (the capital city of DRC) was not done by a Congo rebel group. It was done purely by Ugandan and Rwandan regular troops. In fact, there is not any real Congo rebel group... I therefore get very perturbed by the persistence of news agency reports that 'The Rwandans and Ugandans entered the war on the side of Congolese rebels.' This is rubbish. They (Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi) entered the war and created the rebels." (7/2/2003, Ambassador Cohen's answer to Lynne Duke's article of 6/29/03 titled "Whispers of Genocide, and Again, Africa Suffers Alone")?

As some lawmakers in our USA keep on beating the drums for America to go to war in Syria, someone should ask the question: How would they have reacted if, during America's Civil War of 1861, the other Powers of the time had said: "We must intervene in the US because Abraham Lincoln is killing his own people in the South"? Yeah, I know, the two political systems are different; but, talking about one's system being "better" than someone else's without taking into account social, cultural, and religious factors, has the world learned anything from the Iraq invasion by the US under Bush II and the ensuing nightmare?

The HORROR in the Congo was investigated and written about in most vivid terms by Nicolas Kristof of the New York Times who, in 2010, compared it to the Jewish Holocaust:

"It's easy to wonder how world leaders, journalists, religious figures and ordinary citizens looked the other way while six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. And it's even easier to assume that we'd do better.

"But so far the brutal war (it's actually an invasion and occupation) in eastern Congo has not only lasted longer than the Holocaust but also appears to have claimed more lives. A peer-reviewed study put the Congo war's death toll at 5.4 million as of April 2007 and rising at 45,000 a month. That would leave the total today, after a dozen years, at 6.9 million." (Nikolas D. Kristof, 2/6/2010, "Congo killing fields worse than Holocaust")

While in 2006, Johann Hari of The Independent of London compared the present day Congo Holocaust to the Leopoldian Congo Holocaust of late 1800th and early 1900th:

"The last time there was a holocaust in Congo (1887-1907, over 10 million killed), British and American people reacted with a great national revulsion... But today('s Congo holocaust), these four million (May 2006) people have died in the dark, unnoticed and unmourned. The generations living in the West today have said nothing while the country has been reduced to near-Leopoldian levels of desperation by the scramble for loot, conducted on our behalf and for our benefit." (Johann Hari, 5/5/2006, "Congo's Tragedy: The War the World forgot").

Why, then, are world leaders bamboozling the world citizens with Syria while ignoring the Congo Holocaust?

Why are these leaders of so-called "democracies" demonizing Assad of Syria while keeping quiet, "looking the other way", or supporting African Hitler Paul Kagame, his Trojan Horse Little Hitler "Joseph Kabila" (real name Hyppolite Kanambe), and his associate Yoweri Museveni?

How long, how long before the Congo Holocaust is brought to an end with the above three perpetrators being brought to justice?

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