Yes, citizens of the world, this is exactly what has been happening these days (1998 to now).
The United Nations investigators have said that this leader who has killed over 7 to 10 million people in a neighboring country has definitely committed genocide or holocaust, looking at the numbers (see The UN Maping Report of 10/1/2010). However, the Allies, the so-called powers of democracy in the world, with the USA leading, England, France, and Belgium making the core support pack, have looked the other way, would not even denounce this Hitler, or even cut off the monies they give him, supposedly, because this Hitler still does the dirty business of the allies where they do not want to dirty their own paws.

(Before you read further, please go to Youtube and type in "Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth". Watch the 20 minutes video, then come back and read further!)
You are back? So do you understand what is going on? If you could not make the connections, here they are:


The Hitler we are talking about is Paul Kagame, today's dictator-president of Rwanda. He conned - with a lot of help from his friend Bill Clinton - most of the world (including religious organizations) into believing that he was a genocide stopper instead of a genocide maker, by gathering the skulls of even those Rwandans that he killed when he invaded his own country, Rwanda, in order to overthrow a democratically elected government, with Ugandan and Burundian armies' help (1991 to 1994). He turned these skulls into a "monument" to impress everyone who visited. (read the evidence by searching on the net for "The Geopolitics Behind the Rwandan Genocide", an article on Global Reseach site. Oh, if only the bones could speak! And now other generals of his army and close friends and confidents are running into exile and speaking up against him (i.e., Lt. General Faustin Nyamwasa - who Kagame tried to assassinate twice in South Africa - and Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa - former General Secretary of Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front and a staff of its armed wing - in his "Confession" and subsequent interviews with BBC and the VOA...).
With the help of his American friend through Uganda's Yoweri Museveni, Hitler Kagame, first, assassinated Rwanda's president Habyarimana, and then his friend Bill ordered the UN troops who were in Rwanda at the time to get out so this Hitler Kagame can come in (with the Ugandan army) and take over his country so he can present himself as a hero. This taking over Rwanda was but a prelude to the greatest holocaust of our time, because he and his friend Bill and his allies, Uganda and Burundi, had greater plans.


So in 1996, as you saw in "Crisis in the Congo...", they went for the biggest prize: the huge Congo-Zaire and all its wealth, with the added plan for little Rwanda to be given the Congolese two provinces of the Kivus (as Herman Cohen has stated both in print and on TV, Hilary Clinton's State Department considers Congo's Kivus part of Rwanda, no kidding!). They went in the Congo and, first, they wiped out their own people (hundreds of thousands of Hutus and moderate Tutsis) refugees who had fled the 1991 to 1994 fighting in Rwanda. As the Maping Report released on October 1st, 2010 said, one of the commanding Kagame's army's young officers with an incredible zeal for slaughter who led this killing spree was Hyppolite Kanambe, who will later change his name, for cover up purposes, to "Joseph Kabila".

They seized the huge Congo (remember, Hitler Kagame had all the allies supporting his tiny country's campaign against giant Congo-Zaire) and, in 2001, they murdered the Congolese tool whom they used as a front cover for their invasion. In order to insure that the Congo would not have a leader who could galvanize the millions of Congolese and go to the east of Congo to boot out the Rwandans, they installed, as president, a native Rwandan Tutsi, the officer with a zeal for killing, Hyppolite Kanambe now using the cover name of Joseph Kabila (again, with the Allied governments participating in the cover up).

According to plans, Hitler Kagame started the most heinous, barbaric, and unspeakable ethnic cleansing in the history of mankind with the slaughter of millions of Congolese in the Kivus while at the same time he gives Congolese ID's to Rwandan Tutsis he settles in these lands. Indeed all these plans being coordinated with Kagame's agent in Kinshas, Kanambe a.k.a. Kabila who, at the same time, engages in the assassination of thousands of potential Congolese leaders both in the army and in other areas, so that they can "never" pose a threat to the plans.

In 2006, Hitler, his agent, and the Allies, they organized sham elections in order to "legitimize" their enterprise. And, anytime the world started to take a closer look, Kagame and Kanambe would come together declaring that they were joining their forces to fight the non-existent Hutu "interhamwe" in the eastern Congo, which Kagame already controlled 100%. Thus now they took Rwandan soldiers, gave them Congolese army's uniforms, so that they could kill now with impunity while blaming it on Congolese soldiers (indeed no one was smart enough to pose the question how come in the rest of the huge Congo soldiers were not committing these heinous crimes which were taking place in Rwandan occupied eastern Congo). In this way, over 9 million Congolese have been slaughtered with NOT one government of the Allies saying a word. Let Hitler kill. It's only Black people dying in the Congo, anyway. If we do not say a thing, nothing would happen...


By 2011, even the Congolese people who were fooled in 2001 and 2006, had come to realize that this "Kabila" Joseph was no Kabila: he assassinated Laurent Kabila's daughter Aimee Kabila because she threatened to expose him (the Allies covered this up). He murdered Laurent Kabila's sister, Esperance Kabila, in Kabila's village in Katanga because she threatened to expose him also (the Allies covered this up too). Laurent Kabila's biological children live in exile (of course the Allies know this and don't want to wake up a lying dog by interviewing them or using them to expose Hitler Kagame and little Hitler Hyppolite Kanambe, a.k.a. "Joseph Kabila", the Trojan Horse in Kinshasa).

After 10 years in power, it was time to renew the electoral cover up with fake elections. The little Hitler Joseph Kanambe/Kabila changed the Constitution to only one-time vote and no run off. The Allies kept quiet. Little Hitler started planning his cheating machine and he appointed as chair of the electoral commission (CENI) a co-founder of his political party who wore a fake priest's robe. A guy by the name of Ngoyi Mulunda, who promptly put the rigging of elections' plans to work: he ruled that elections would be held on just one day, November 28. In order to give the advantage to his Rwandan boss, he decreed only one month of campaign (in a country the size of Western Europe with not even one highway and no good mud roads). Knowing that Little Hitler controlled everything, including the army, the police, available planes, all the media, the bank, the justice system, even the parliament, they were sure to win easily...

They forgot one little detail: their inability to control the FUTURE which is in the hands of what some of us know as Nzambi'a'Mpungu or Mungu, or Nzakomba, or Nzaambi, or Nzambi Pungu, or else Nzambe. I suppose they call this Greatest King of Kings and Lord of Lords in English , God.
Yes, both Hitler Kagame, his American friend, his European associates, and little Hitler Kanambe Joseph, with finances from the Allies who were still covering up for these two criminals, forgot - as did their inspiration, Adolf Hitler - that man is not the master of the Universe or of the Future; but its Designer, its Programmer, its Sustainer, its Creator, its Inventor, its Manufacturer, its Master is.

As Little Hitler Kanambe [an illiterate who actually promoted the stupid idea that he had a Bachelor degree from some university in Washington and that the former W. Bush administration's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, actually had personally signed his college degree, a man who cannot speak French or Lingala (if you're dumb, you're just dumb, no matter how many professors they give to tutor you) in spite of being a cab driver in Tanzania who used to chauffer Congolese musicians who went there to perform], as he started setting up his electoral cheating machine with the plans coming from the main brain, Hitler Kagame himself, an old Congolese lion by the name of Etienne Tshisekedi decided that enough was enough. That the Congolese people have been dying too many for too long and that he would challenge this ignoramus who, according to Tshisekedi, entered the Congo with no visa (as a Rwandan intelligence officer and genocide killing machine commander). In addition, the Congolese people were by now tired of being killed and the whole world keeping quiet, including the United Nations so-called peace-keeping army, which actually had joined the cover up and were participating both in the stealing of Congo's resources and the rapping of little Congolese girls.

About Author / Additional Info:

Professor Yaa-Lengi is the president of the New York based Congocoalition (The Coalition for Peace, Justice, and Democracy in the Congo-Zaire, a group founded by the late Reverend Dr. Clarence P. Grant, late Pastor of the Convent Avenue Baptist Church).
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