The huge national performance of the largest running theatrical show is nearing its finish. But then as usual there is always the final twist right towards the end. And before the twist, are the set of scenes that are most predictable. But what I am referring to with the theatrical show is the Anna fasting. It has been 11 days since the old man has been fasting, presumptuously for the sake of this nation. He has been doing so, for he firmly believes that the 'absolute' solution to corruption is already with him. In trying to forward this Jan Lokpal bill, a lot of politics has been participated in. Blames have been put on one another. Logical, emotional and psychological arguments have been provided from both sides, some brilliant some naïve. The current situation after a lot of intricate balancing acts rests at a juncture, from where either the solution will be brought under focus, or else the entire problem will be surgically operated from a new angle. The problem, as must be obvious to the keen reader by now is that angles to a problem are always uncountable; the trick is in picking the one from where the solution is the closest.

The decision to move forward or to repeat the whole stalemate again rests in a few hands. Of the major players one is Mr. Hazare himself. We can only hope he agrees to open discussions and logical argument. The other player being the PM, who I think has been a gentleman, right from the beginning of this embarrassing situation for our country. It would not be an exaggeration to say, he has been the only saving grace during this chaotic time. It was sad to read his defensive statement today morning in the newspaper, wherein he has openly conveyed feeling hurt to have been raised fingers at, especially considering he has given this nation 41 years of service out of his lifetime. The rest of the participants in the unfolding of the scenario are the Anna team members', the cabinet members, the standing committee members and the members of the parliament. As for the masses, I would not include them in this elite list consciously. Because over the past four weeks I have concluded that we the citizens of this country are ridiculous, trivial and class one bandwagon jumpers. So let us just enjoy the show as we have continued to so far, without any real stand or sound judgment.

Of the two rallies in New Delhi yesterday, one at the Ramlila Ground, and the other at India Gate. The former was full of protestors for Anna, the latter full of protestors against Anna. I must mention though, the strength of the one against Anna was lesser, because there are lesser rational people in the world, for those who can read between the lines. Moving on, the ground reality as of today stands at a delicate juncture. Can the parliament and the Anna team stop the commotion, let people return to their jobs and homes, and move forward with drafting the solution rather than trying to draft a bill with no problems, because problems are always more visible than their solution. I only hope that this wastage of time that has occurred over the past month is not repeated. Because I firmly believe that the way we handled the situation as a nation has been grossly incorrect. We have done nothing but talked about the problem, wasted many working hours and brought international pity upon ourselves. But nevertheless the way to live is to look forward. So we must look forward with keenness, towards an end to the commotion, stalemate and corruption. We must not look forward to the festive feeling of a revolution, protest or freedom struggle as they were often considered and believed to be. Lets us not fall back on square one. Let us move to square four, where a holistic and permanent output is achieved out of all that has been going on.

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My name is Md Anas Khan and i am a freelancer content writer. I have completed my gradation from Cambridge university. I have wrote at least 1000 plus articles for magazine, newspaper and media.