I, am a 15 year old Guatemalan who came here at the age of 6. Through those 8 wonderful years, I came to learn that, I am not politically accepted. I am what any regular person would call a "nerd." Well, yes, I am at the top of my classes, which are 75% white people. Until recently, I didn't know how bad the situation is for a person like me. Facing deportation by the authorities. Facing harassment by regular people. Maybe even death by those with hate in their hearts. I love this country; the freedom, the everything. All I am is a 15 year old nerd just wanting to have a happy life. I have never committed a crime, never done drugs, and certainly never been in a gang. I love school, especially when I am good at it. Even if not, I love learning. I love videogames and strangely, working out and staying healthy. And recent events have led me to ask myself, "Why can't I just be happy and left alone to play MineCraft with my friends?" I don't wrong. I am only here to make a better person from myself. I can't believe that those who prosecute supposed "illegal immigrants" don't get that THEY themselves are immigrants. Don't the know about how Europeans came here uninvited as well? Poor natives weren't left alone, and were even FORCED by Anglo-Saxons to leave their OWN land. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look up "The Trail of Tears." A person like me can't do any harm, just help. A friend of my family's once got pulled over and DEPORTED just for being latino. If anyone were to ask any of my teachers about me as a student, you would hear no complaints about my behavior or academics. I love America because of all the opportunities that are available to people.

I have seen good Anglo-Saxons go down a road of drugs. In the fourth grade, I was friends with this white girl named Alex. We were great friends but after a year or two, we drifted apart. So I just resumed my life as always. 4 years later in high school, I saw her again, but this time, she was in the wrong crowd, did drugs, had intercourse with many guys at our school. She had been expelled more times than I can think about at once. But why? She had a nice future and good potential but ended being a pot-head who could tell me the Quadratic Formula for a million dollars. (-b(+/-)√b^2 - 4ac/2a).

So tell me, why can't I be left alone to play MineCraft with my friends? I am doing NO harm to society. And we, Hispanics, do the jobs no "American" would dare to do. (Maids, servants, street cleaners and lawn mowers)

Saddest thing is; the richest person in the world is Mexican.

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