Craft of Deceptive Endorsement

Once upon a time in the "Land of Make Believe"
The actors and artist depicting fiction, highly paid to deceive
Morgan Freeman "if he loses, "It will be because he is black"
Mistress and bump on head, the car went off the track
Clooney got arrested, the world stop to pause
In times like these help the Sudanese, not the Homeland cause
Alec Baldwin, a game did ground the plane
Conversation with daughter, sounded a touch insane
Mr. DeNiro, we know your matrimony preference
Forsaken credibility, blatant First Lady reference
Tom the bosom buddy, campaigns in between
Hanks gives favor, for dinner with the Queen
Twitter the wrong address, did Spike Lee and Rosanne Barr
Incite the misinformed, the feather and hot tar
Ashley and Eva, one time beauties in their day
Are those your words or what Hollywood demands you say
Words of Tatyana "it is on" with second term success
Re-election website, racial unbalance next inaugural address
On Air Force One Bon Jovi is free to move about
Bee hive tax break, another celeb. with political clout
Famous for being famous, hung over at the Jersey Shore
If your star refuses to shine, a sex tape will restore
Hollywood adopts a foreign baby, exotic and unique
Forsaken domestic disadvantaged, no status, no seek
Cher is self-proclaimed, a racist can only be conservative and white
To the former Bono, did the surgeon pull it too tight

In a short time Old Glory's continual tatter

The first term exposed is the ominous mission
Devastate the great land and drive into submission
A realm of clique with the ability to polarize
Campaign promises, time revealed the totality of lies
The Presidential seal and the imaginary throne
Should the people be concerned, Iran has a US drone
Bye-bye to Gaddafi, no boots on the ground sold
Death of a dictator, 75% tab paid in American gold
Monica and Clinton stained the dress for a cheap thrill
Osama was able to run, in large part thanks to libido Bill
The killing of the #1 terrorist hangs on the Oval wall
Forsaken are the heroes responsible for Bin Laden's final fall
1600 needs a plumber, to repair the constant leak
Praise the Palestinians, Jewish State's tomorrow likely bleak
Enrichment in the land of the Aryans, a tree weeps tears of sap
Nuclear program intended to remove Israel from the map
NASA the one time leader, set the standard and pace
Wonder if Kirk and Spock ever had to hitchhike to Space
Silence prevails for the Army and the Fort Hood shooter
Political correctness borne the major enemy within recruiter
Gulf of Mexico hosts a Russian sub, one month undetected it sits
Barry and Putin protect the land of hominy and grits
The birthers and Donald question the venue and place
1977-79 Connecticut Social Security number, vetted media disgrace
Communist Grandparents, Kenyan father, hemp and cocaine carriage
Wrought forth U.S. havoc, Anti-American and impending disparage
Raised and abandoned in Hawaii, adulterous father and his dreams
Millions spent to seal the transcripts, mindless sheep, unacknowledged schemes

Do the Christians matter?

Disgrace the Bible, Jesus okay to lampoon
Go against the Koran, the end will come soon
Jack , Jim and Jose, spirits and bourbon
Nostradamus prophesied the blue turban
Did anyone notice the missing wedding ring
Peculiar timing during the Ramadan thing
Dignified and honorable the heroes of Afghanistan
Deceptive bullet in the back, flaming defiled Quran
The murder of US soldier 1600 remains quiet
Islamic casualties conveyed words of riot
Birth control, the Vatican must provide
Discard teaching, government and religion collide
The greatest ground built on "In God We Trust"
Blacken the eye, empire dissolution and rust
Churches cherish communion and the cross
Long been established, in the trash you must toss
Forget and refrain, our Pledge of Allegiance
One Nation under God, now a grievance
Mainstream Media and liberal colleges corrupt the young mind
Professed faith as Christian, church attendance at election time
In San Francisco, Boston and Chicago, no freedom of speech for Chick.fil.A
Liberal suppressors up at arms, record sales the next day
2012 Democratic convention, denied Benediction offer from Cardinal Dolan
20K Indigenous Muslims in attendance will keep them roll-in
Shoot the Easter Bunny and tax the Christmas Tree
Follow not the Lord Jesus, clandestine Islam decree
Throughout history Christian always overcome to survive
Freedom of religion, family and tradition more than contrive

Besmirched Constitution

Justice Ginsberg hired to uphold the Constitution.
Openly asserted she prefers the South African solution.
The highest court of the land
Ruled that Obamacare can stand
Commerce Clause no, Chief Justice Roberts did say
Embolden the IRS, a new tax is in play
The deaths of 300 Mexican's and a Border Patrol
Assault the 2nd Amendment, Government out of control
No deportation, decision unilateral
Illegal pander, election collateral
Lawsuits for the States, no to the voter ID
Every vote counts, regardless of death or felony
The birthers want to verify the place you were born
1970's Connecticut social security number worthy of scorn
The Attorney General defies a Congressional subpoena and order
Executive privilege, Presidential complicity at the Mexican Border
Insane mind perpetrates the Colorado theater mass shooting
Portray the Joker, charge the 2nd amendment, attempted Tea Party diluting
Open mic, to Russian counterpart, words if re-elected
Bring your warheads to Cuba, no European defense will erected
The IRS attempts to attack the political contribution
Courts strikes down shilling Gestapo pollution
2014 Independent Payment Advisory Board, AKA the Death Panel
Absolute power, quality care or chicken soup and pajamas of flannel
Bullied are the priority creditors of the Chrysler bailout
30 cent on dollar, secondary crony unions full payment for reelection tout
Republican States no granted healthcare waiver
Architect Reid gets blanket, Pelosi 20% for gourmet flavor

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