In Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012, Retired General Colin Powell and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright were answering questions about the state of the nation and the ongoing campaign for the presidential elections.

General Powell pointed out the vitriolic manner in which the republicans have been using personal attacks against President Obama. These republicans forget that the whole world is watching and that their attacks make them sound and appear to be just sorry racists, in spite of their fake apologies.

Just yesterday, former member of Congress Mr. Sununu just let his inner racist take over his mouth when he said that President Obama needed "to learn how to be an AMERICAN". In the papers it was reported that on Fox News Television, he went even further with his racist attacks.

A couple of months back, the media reported that the Romney campaign had asked the republican governors NOT to report or to play down how good their states are recovering economically.

Mit Romney and the republicans lie about the work that President Obama has been doing without being challenged by the media. They say that President Obama has driven down the economy and that he has done a terrible job the last three and a half years. And that the President has been a failure. These are, indeed, lies. Why?

To begin with, in 2008 when Obama became president, the US economy had collapsed in every aspect. This, the republicans fail to mention it. They deliberately lie when they say that the slow economic recovery is a failure because they purposefully avoid to say what they are comparing President Obama's performance to. In other words, what was the state of the economy when Obama became president. What was the morale of America when Obama became president. What was the state of the safety of America at home and abroad when Obama became president.

Any honest person who deals with the above questions SHOULD APPRECIATE the stellar and courageous work and leadership demonstrated by President Obama:

Economically, he stopped the collapse of the American economy and he put in place the necessary policies that are rebuilding the American economy in creating jobs, real jobs, in bringing back manufacturing industries (while Mit Romney had said that he would have let the US automobile companies and banks collapse and fail).

Destroying or collapsing a house does not take long or much effort, but, REBUILDING, especially if one is to rebuild a stronger and secure house, one CANNOT rush or do a patch up work. This is what has been going on in America. Eight years of republican policies collapsed the American economy. Obama stopped further collapse and he is rebuilding it. This truth, republicans won't say it.

Further, the media either never challenges these lies, or else the media spouts these lies as if they were true. Just the other day, a PBS anchor said the President has done a bad job on economy in the last three years. Really? "A bad job" in comparison to what or to whom? Then, like Mit Romney asking the republican governors to play down their economic recovery, most of the media is doing the same. On one day, in a New York daily, good economic news were "hidden": "The Earnings of the Big Firms Rising" was written as a small piece at the bottom of page 36, together with the housing industry growing again.

In other words, as the American economic structure is being rebuilt, the republicans lie that everything is bad, or the recovery is not fast enough (anyone has ever seen an economic upswing that went straight up?), in order to dirty the great work that the President and the Americans have done so that President Obama does not get a second term. And the media, whether out of incompetence or as closet racists, hide or play down the good news and do not remind the Americans where the economy was in 2008 and where it is TODAY.

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