As we write this, these criminal soldiers and police (under the command of another Rwandan Tutsi by the name of General Bisengimana), all foreigners wearing Congolese uniforms but not speaking one word of French or Lingala (while the Congolese soldiers are either locked up in their bases or disarmed and kicked out of the bases so the foreign troops can occupy the space), have been going, at night, from house to house, from searching and kidnapping the youth, they always make sure they carry any cell phones they find and whatever money they can get. They kill these young Congolese, put the bodies in planes, and go and dump the bodies in the River Congo (the pictures are already circulating on the internet).

Question: Are the ALLIES going to continue keeping quiet as this little Hitler, "Joseph Kabila" with these foreign killers continue to murder Congolese because they voted for Tshisekedi and they want him to go back to Rwanda? How long? We ask. How long? How long would the West wait before asking this little Hitler to stop it? France's president Sarkozy actually gave this little Hitler the police equipment and uniforms and weapons that are being used to terrorize and kill the Congolese while, in spite of an arm's embargo, North Korea and Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and other African countries have been supplying this murderer with the weapons he has been using on unarmed, poor, defenseless Congolese people, especially the youth who only want peace and justice.
As for the USA of Barack Obama, are you for these crimes taking place in the Congo with all the evidence so plain to everyone, including on the internet? Who is the American Roger Meece (head of the UN mission who also has personal business interests in the Congo) covering for? Who is Hilary Clinton covering for? Who is Johnnie Carson, the Assistant Secretary of State for Africa and former Bill Clinton's appointee, covering for? Who is Obama's ambassador to the Congo, Entwistle, covering for?

And, by the way, why would The United States of Barack Obama give protective equipment to the police that has been terrorizing the Congolese people? What is the message there? Does America has to do everything that Napoleon Zarkozy does in Africa? Why does not Obama give protective equipment to Syria's military who actually has killed less Syrian citizens than "Joseph Kabila" and his master Paul Kagame have killed of the Congolese?

Yes, citizens of the world, this is taking place right before our eyes: The Allies covering up for, funding, and not wanting to expose HITLER! That is, Hitler Kagame's killing machine in the Congo with his agent, "Joseph Kabila" overseeing the genocidal government of occupation in Kinshasa.
Way to go, you the world's masters and preachers of DEMOCRACY!

About Author / Additional Info:
Professor Yaa-Lengi is the president of the New York based Congocoalition (The Coalition for Peace, Justice, and Democracy in the Congo-Zaire, a group founded by the late Reverend Dr. Clarence P. Grant, late Pastor of the Convent Avenue Baptist Church).
He can be reached at