America's foundation was built on honesty, justice, freedom, and integrity. It was made so that our people (the Americans) may live in a free and outspoken society. Our founding fathers have influenced us through honesty, and good government.

Compared to other countries, ours is young. But we've had more success than failures. Or is it the other way around? Our government has now been taken over by corruption and greed for power. Leaders have lead us in the wrong direction and it's time for someone to get us back on the path to success. If we fail, we'll end up in the wrong place.

People of America always seem to hate the person they elected. Why? Because they were lead to believe a lie! We've been deceived by that greed. That person who lied was so determined to get elected that they would say anything just to get elected. So how do we know that the person who we elected is telling the truth? Well, here's the answer; we don't. We can't tell a good man from a from a bad one. In America, bad guys don't go running around in black capes spreading evil. They look just like the good guys.

Americans have proved to be gullible enough to believe the lies that the politicians have told us. But wait. We're not innocent either. We've been expecting to much from our government. Expecting too much in such little time. Some politicians are honest and are doing their best to fix America. But we've got to understand that it's not going to get done all in one term. The problem with the American people is that they elect one person, then it's 'he didn't do what he said he would do'. Then they vote for someone else. We don't give the senators and congressmen enough time. But it's not just the senators and congress though. I's every governor, attorney general, mayor, etc. Every single job that involves election and politics. We don't give them time to change things. We barely even give them time to begin.

If we want the people we elect to represent us the way we want to be represented, we need to get involved. We need to work with the politicians instead of against them. Instead of arguing with their ideas, we need to give them some. Tell them our ideas and how they should get done. It's their job to listen, and it's our job to make them listen. Talk to our congressmen, governors, and senators. America needs to take the initiative to tell our leaders how things should get done. If we do this more often, perhaps we could get more jobs, and fix the economy. Our founding fathers gave us voices, use them! The people are what make this great. That's what our founding fathers wanted. It's the leaders' job to represent us in the best way possible.

So many other countries have had the same problems. Take Sweden for example. They had a huge deficit back in the 90's. But they got out if it. Now their economy is booming. They used past success to their use. Now if any of you study the history of economics or country deficits, you would know success from failure. We don't just study history so it won't be repeated, we also study history so we know what can be repeated.

Peter the Great (my favorite Russian ruler) was called "Great" for a reason. He saved Russia from economic and political destruction. He established better laws and better government. Peter created a government that would allow people to vote. He created the Europeanization-- or Westernization. This was to get Russia in European politics. It helped their foreign relations and economy significantly! Russia was brought to the better times instead of staying in the dark times.

In America, you've got the power to change this country, save it. But we don't use it. We need to use our voices, and not in the protest kind of way. We need to use our voices so that we can send a message.

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